Wind Dancer Tour Review

Wind Dancer Tour Review

Windancer Tour

There’s no better way to view the magnificence of the Grand Canyon than by helicopter. Our popular Wind Dancer tour not only offers breathtaking panoramic views from above, but our expert pilots also land in Hualapai Indian Territory, allowing guests to explore the beauty hidden below the canyon rim.

While on the canyon floor, guests enjoy champagne or soda and a light snack while surrounded by some of the most amazing scenery on earth and the mighty Colorado River 300 feet below. As the tour continues, our pilots fly over the Bowl of Fire, making sure guests get a close look at the incredible red rock formations.

The Wind Dancer tour showcases some of the world’s most stunning natural wonders, and our pilots offer an unforgettable grand finale by flying over one of the most thrilling man-made wonders… the Las Vegas Strip. Between the scenery and our expert pilots, it’s no wonder this is one of Maverick’s most popular tours!

Maverick’s pilots are committed to giving their guests the best experience possible. We start by making sure everyone feels safe and comfortable, so guests can sit back and enjoy the trip. Our highly skilled pilots expertly maneuver the helicopter for better views while sharing information about the area and landmarks.

There’s no doubt that our pilots are one of the biggest reasons Maverick Helicopter tours are so popular. Kevin Roache from Boston had this to say about his recent Wind Dancer Tour experience:

Kevin Roache

Tour Date: 11/05/2016

Tour: Wind Dancer

Review: This was a great, great experience. Of course, the Canyon and other scenery were breathtaking. ‘Logan’, our pilot, was outstanding. Professional, personable, knowledgeable, just a great guy. He has lots of piloting experience, including military. He made it work. I am a private pilot but am now contemplating helicopter lessons because of Logan. (Thank you Logan!!)

You must do this helicopter tour when you go to Vegas. Costs a bit, but worth it! Four hours, door to door. And ask for the pilot, Logan!!

Sincerely, Kevin Roache

Maverick’s pilots truly love what they do, and it shows. Their passion and knowledge help create lasting memories for their guests. For many years, our tours have inspired beautiful photography, paintings, poetry and now helicopter lessons! We’re so glad Logan and our Wind Dancer tour inspired you, Kevin.

Maverick’s pilots love to share their knowledge and experience. That’s why we’ve launched the new Ask the Pilot video series!

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