Why the Valley of Fire Should Be on Your Must-see List

When planning your next visit to Vegas, the Valley of Fire State Park is a perfect day-trip to add to the itinerary. Not convinced this is the right stop for you? Here are three reasons to change your mind.

1. Breathtaking Nature

Even if you’re not a “nature person,” the impressive red sandstone formations that give this park its name are enough to inspire even the most hardened city-dweller. Formed more than 150 million years ago and painstakingly finished by weathering and erosion, the giant jutting rocks, mountains and cliffs are hard to look away from.

2. A Bit of History

Watching a documentary is one way to get a bit of history under your belt, but being in front of living history is nothing short of transformative. The Valley of Fire showcases not only natural history but also a bit of human history. The Anasazi natives inhabited this area nearly 3,000 years ago, and their art remains on the walls to this day. We might not know what these ancient symbols were meant to communicate, but we can all feel the connection to our ancestors.

3. Recharging Serenity

We all know Vegas is a hive of lights, sounds, smells and activities. Being in the middle of the excitement is what draws more than 40 million visitors to our iconic city every year. However, living at “Las Vegas pace” for too long can exhaust even the most energetic. A day trip to the quiet scenery of the Valley of Fire provides you with an opportunity to recharge your batteries in the peaceful silence of the ancient desert. After such a relaxing diversion, you’ll be ready to hit the Strip rejuvenated.

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