Which is Better, the Strip or Downtown?

When planning a trip to Las Vegas, the first decision you must make is where to stay: the Strip or Downtown? Both locations have casinos, restaurants and hotels, and each is worth checking out during your visit. Whether you should spend most of your time on the Strip or Downtown, though, depends on what you’re looking for.

The Strip: The Las Vegas Everybody Knows

If you want to live the high life while in Vegas, spend your time on the Strip. You’ll be able to eat at the fancy all-you-can-eat buffets, walk to pool parties during the day and party at Vegas clubs during the night. Go to a world-class show and check out the casino’s many extravagant attractions.The Strip is the Las Vegas everyone knows from television and movies. Its large, fancy resorts aren’t as cheap as Downtown’s hotels and restaurants, but they give people with moderate incomes a chance to live the five-star lifestyle of the rich and famous for a few days.

Of course, if you plan on living like a high roller, you’ll need to pay for the lifestyle — even in Vegas. Prices on the Strip are typically lower than what you’d pay in other cities for this level of luxury, but they are higher than what most places Downtown charge.

Downtown: The Las Vegas Everybody Remembers

Head downtown if you want to save money or if you want a local vibe. The costs are much lower than on the Strip, with hotel rooms sometimes going for less than a dinner on the Strip, and the casinos tend to have cheaper table games and slots. There are plenty of classic casinos, like Binions, El Cortez and Four Queens, and local hangouts, such as Don’t Tell Mama, Vanguard Lounge and Beauty Bar, to check out.Downtown, specifically Fremont Street, is the classic Las Vegas that everyone remembers. Fremont Street has a light show and a zipline, but you won’t mistake this part of Vegas for the Strip. This is the Vegas of yesteryear, Las Vegas as it was back in the day.

Downtown Las Vegas is also one of the few places where you can go casino hopping. While the Strip has trams and a monorail, just going from a casino to a stop can be a decent walk. On Fremont Street, some casinos are just 40 feet apart, letting you easily go from casino to casino until you find the lucky one.

When you come to Downtown Las Vegas, don’t expect all of the glitz that the Strip has. Instead, enjoy the cheap prices and local vibe. You might also take in some history while you’re here.

Both the Strip and Downtown Las Vegas are great places to go on a trip. Which one is better depends on what you’re looking for.

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