What to Wear During Your Hana Rainforest Experience

It’s not every day you get to explore a genuine rainforest. What should you wear? What should you bring along? Read on for practical advice for guests embarking on Maverick Helicopters’ Hana Rainforest Experience.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

While the landing portion of the Hana Rainforest Experience does include some light trekking through a beautiful former taro plantation in the heart of Maui’s picturesque Hana Rainforest, most wouldn’t exactly call it a full-fledged hike. Still, it is important to wear sturdy, athletic footwear. The area is mostly unimproved terrain unsuitable for less functional shoes like high-heels or flip-flops. Obviously, the region sees its fair share of precipitation, which can muddy the surrounding trails, so a pair of dressy shoes may hamper your exploration.

Layers for the Win

Weather over the rainforest can vary dramatically. Rainy conditions in the morning can quickly dissipate into a warm, humid afternoon. It is always a good idea to wear multiple layers, including a light, waterproof jacket. Ground time comprises approximately 30 minutes of this 75-minute tour. While you won’t be exposed to the sun for very long, the fairer skinned should consider long sleeves.

Don’t Agonize, Accessorize

There are a handful of accessories you’ll definitely want to have for your Maui helicopter tour. For starters, you’ll certainly want a hat to cut down on your exposure to the sun. A pair of polarized sunglasses is also a good call. In addition to saving your eyes, it helps to cut down on the glare, giving you even better views of the picturesque Maui scenery. While you don’t wear it, a camera stabilizer, either for a smartphone or digital camera, is one accessory that you’ll greatly benefit from. The photographs and videos taken during your helicopter will look crisp and clean with the help of a camera stabilizer.

Odds and Ends

Hana Rainforest Experience - Maverick HelicoptersDon’t forget the sunscreen. You might also want to consider motion sickness medication. The vast majority of passengers do not have any problems with helicopter flight, but if you are prone to motion sickness, some preventative medication is a good idea. You can find many of these items in our gift shop, including sunscreen, motion sickness medication and even bug spray.

The important thing is to be comfortable and enjoy your flight. Maverick Helicopters’ Hana Rainforest Experience is unlike any other helicopter tour of Hawaii. With unparalleled views of Maui’s northern shore, Haleakalā National Park and the Hana Rainforest, you’ll be instantly transported into a genuine Hawaiian adventure. The Hana Rainforest Experience is only $249 a person for a limited time, which includes taxes and fees. Reserve your tour today, or contact our friendly representatives at 1-800-978-0266 or 1-808-893-7999. We look forward to helping you plan the experience of a lifetime!


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