What to Expect When Taking Your Children on a Maverick Helicopters Tour

Parents know that traveling with young children requires plenty of foresight and planning. It’s important to know what to expect at the outset and adjust accordingly. When your children are happy, the whole family—and the rest of the tour group—are happy. From must-bring items to suggested tours, we’re here to help you plan out the perfect helicopter tour for your family. Read on for helpful tips you need to know when bringing your little one aboard a Maverick Helicopter tour.

Items to Bring

One of the most important concerns when it comes to young passengers is the change in air pressure. The popping sensation in the ears can be a real pain for children. If you don’t have any earplugs, let the front desk agent checking you in know you’d like some earmuffs to protect your child’s ears. Another concern is the sun. Even during the cooler months, the UV index at the Grand Canyon can be high for little ones. It is always a good idea to apply sunscreen whether you’re flying in July or December.

Maverick Helicopters offers light snacks during canyon landing tours, consisting of fruit, cheese, etc. If your children are picky eaters, consider bringing along some snacks they are accustomed to. Another useful failsafe to bring along is a favorite toy or iPad and headphones. If any child is younger than 2, you are required to provide proof of age in the form of a birth certificate. Neglecting to bring along a birth certificate may result in having to pay for a ticket for your toddler.

What to Wear

If you’ll be flying to Grand Canyon’s West Rim, it is important that children wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes. Our exclusive landing site on the banks of the Colorado River is mostly unaltered desert landscape, meaning there are more than a few rocks to stub little toes on. During the cooler months, the canyon and surrounding desert can get downright cold. Be sure to pack some layers, such as a light jacket or sweatshirt. This is especially true if you’re flying out in the early morning. During the hot summer, bring a hat for your child as the sun is very bright at that latitude.

Things to Know

There are a few more miscellaneous items to keep in mind during your flight. When taking a helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon, be aware of surroundings at all times during the landing portion. Children excel at sneaking away while parents marvel at the canyon. It is very important to keep a watchful eye on children while at the landing site lest they get too close to seen and unseen hazards. For parents of younger children, also keep in mind that car seats and strollers do not fit in the helicopter.

When booking your Maverick Helicopter excursion, plan it around nap time like any other family outing. If you’ll be touring the Grand Canyon, consider an early morning flight that will have everyone back in time for a good nap. Don’t forget to visit the restrooms inside our Las Vegas Boulevard terminal before takeoff.

Suggested Tours

Every tour offered by Maverick Helicopters is designed to wow guests; you can’t go wrong with any of them. Some tours, however, might be better suited to the younger crowd than others. Our lowest priced, shortest duration tour Vegas Nights is a great way to test the waters for the youngest fliers. Everyone will enjoy the unparalleled views of the bright Vegas Strip at night, but the time and money investment is much less should your children decide helicopters aren’t their thing.

One of our most popular tours with the younger set, Skywalk Odyssey includes a flight past Hoover Dam to Grand Canyon’s West Rim. Once there, you can take a stroll across the Skywalk, a glass-bottom observation deck suspended nearly 4,000 feet directly above the canyon floor. Skywalk Odyssey is a perfect tour for children younger than 5 thanks to the shorter flight time. The Canyon Dream tour takes guests to the South Rim aboard a Beechcraft 1900D, over the canyon in a helicopter, and into Grand Canyon National Park for some on-foot exploration. (Our Beechcraft airplanes can store strollers during the flight to the canyon.) It’s a great tour for children older than 5 who can stick it out through a seven-hour excursion.

Only you know how your children will do aboard a helicopter tour. Browse our tour listings and decide for yourself which tour your children will enjoy the most. Don’t forget to share your family’s photos from the Grand Canyon on our Facebook page!

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