Top Haunted Hotel Rooms in Vegas


Las Vegas hotels have a rich history, so it’s only natural that some guests have reported seeing evidence of ghosts in particular rooms. If you’d like to catch a glimpse of the supernatural, try one of the following hotel rooms, where guests have reported some ghostly occurrences:

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The Flamingo – Presidential Suite

The ghost of mobster Bugsy Siegel is said to keep watch over the Flamingo, which he helped open in 1946. He was gunned down six months after the opening, and people have reported seeing his ghost in the Presidential Suite and by the pool in the late evening. Siegel’s also been spotted in the Wedding Chapel, which is supposed to have been built on the site of his old apartment.

Circus Circus – Rooms 123, 203, 230, 576

Loud cries for help have been reported in these rooms, and the words “Help Me” have been spotted on bathroom mirrors. One story alleges a woman killed her son in room 123 before killing herself, so the boy continues to cry for help.

The Luxor – Room 19-207

A guest reported her normally well-behaved toddler started behaving very violently during their stay in this room. She dreamed of a blonde woman, who later appeared as an apparition in her room. When she looked at the ghost, it gave her an evil look. The guest eventually asked to be transferred to another room and had no more problems. Her son’s good behavior quickly returned as well.

The Fremont – Room 409

A guest reported feeling someone getting into her bed, but saw no one. She told her friend about it, but the friend laughed it off. After experiencing the same sensation the next night, both guests looked at the pillow next to her and saw the imprint of a head on it.

The Venetian – 6-238

A guest saw the figure of a strange woman she didn’t recognize. At first she thought it was a maid or her aunt, who was staying with her. As she realized the woman was neither, the ghost just stood in place and stared. The apparition then turned her head toward the guest and disappeared.

Treasure Island – Room 5-104

A ghostly presence visited a guest, who at first felt like a cat jumped on the bed at night. The guest then felt a sensation similar to something rubbing their arm. The guest was awakened by a strange cell phone alarm as well as a light mysteriously turning on and then off for no apparent reason.

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is a common slogan, and it must be true for ghosts who haunt the city’s hotel rooms! And if you’re interested in ghost stories, try to book one of these rooms. Just make sure to sleep with one eye open!

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