Things You Need to Know about a Destination Helicopter Wedding at the Grand Canyon

Your wedding is a day you’ll always remember, so why not turn it into a destination helicopter wedding? Imagine flying in a luxurious helicopter over Las Vegas and landing in a stunning destination, such as the Grand Canyon, for your nuptials. Maverick’s in-house wedding coordinator will help you seamlessly plan the entire day. Your wedding day will be even more special, and your guests will have the time of their lives!

Maverick Helicopters

Important Facts About a Destination Helicopter Wedding With Maverick

Helicopter Capacity

Maverick’s ECO-Star helicopters are designed for safety and comfort. You and your bridal party will enjoy amazing views on the way to your destination wedding. The helicopter can accommodate seven passengers. If you have more people in your party, you can charter an additional helicopter. 

Marriage License

Since your wedding will be held at the Grand Canyon, you will need to get your marriage license in town beforehand. The officiant will re-pronounce you on the return flight once you re-enter Las Vegas air space.

Flexible Scheduling

Our helicopters, pilots and staff members are here to accommodate your schedule. We offer a variety of times so you can choose the morning, afternoon or evening that works best for you.

Private Landing Spot in the Canyon

Maverick has a private landing spot within the Grand Canyon, so you won’t have to worry about tourists disturbing your nuptials and interrupting the ceremony.

Stunning Backdrop

It’s hard to imagine a more picturesque wedding backdrop than the Grand Canyon. Your views, memories and photographs will be unforgettable, as will your entire wedding.

To find out more about scheduling a destination helicopter wedding with Maverick Helicopters, contact us at 702-948-1325. We’re excited to help make your special day spectacular!

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