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The #HeliSelfie

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Taking pictures is a key aspect of any vacation. When you have an eye for photography, you tend to be more aware of your surroundings as you continually look for beautiful, awe-inspiring moments. Once you’ve returned home, photos help you remember the places you went and the people you went with. It can even bring back the emotions you experienced. One great way to encapsulate all three of these benefits is with a #HeliSelfie, boasting a great backdrop. The following is a quick look at a couple of our favorite Grand Canyon and Las Vegas #HeliSelfie photo opportunities:

Great #HeliSelfie Backdrops

Photo credit IG @sarahzimbo
West Rim #HeliSelfie
  • Inside the Grand Canyon on the Indian Territory Tour. Millions of years old and a natural wonder unique to the United States, the Grand Canyon offers plenty of exciting, breathtaking and downright gorgeous photo opportunities, especially when it involves taking the picture while flying through the very center of the canyon itself! As part of this tour, you will descend 3,500 feet below the rim of the Grand Canyon and land in Hualapai Indian Territory.
  • At sunset on the Wind Dancer Sunset Tour. After you’ve captured a few #HeliSelfies at the Grand Canyon, prepare for another outstanding picture contrast. Experience the magic hour just before the sun slips completely beyond the horizon. In that last hour of daylight, the sky tends to be a wash of vibrant colors, contrasting with the glittering lights of the Las Vegas Strip.

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