The Beauty of a Last-minute Las Vegas Wedding

Pop culture and bridal magazines love to show off glitzy weddings overflowing with guests. What they are less likely to depict is the stress involved in throwing that picture-perfect, dream wedding. For couples with family, friends, and colleagues spread across the country (or even across the globe), trying to accommodate everyone’s needs while also ensuring the ceremony feels authentic can be overwhelming. There’s also the expenses to consider in planning such an inclusive event.

So while an elaborate wedding may look great in photographs, it may not be worth the expense, stress and time. The day you and your partner exchange vows should be centered around you, your happiness and your desires. If what makes you happy is being with a select few in a fantastic setting, then consider the beauty of a last-minute wedding in Las Vegas.

The Beauty of Eloping to Las Vegas

The phrase “Las Vegas wedding” commonly evokes images of tiny wedding chapels outfitted with cheap decor and operated by an Elvis impersonator. While this type of Vegas wedding certainly does exist, it’s by no means the depiction of all that’s offered here. Las Vegas has a rich variety of unique and memorable wedding packages and opportunities to choose from. Because of this and the desirability of the city itself, it’s no wonder why it reigns as the best place for couples who want to elope. Other key aspects include:

  • Saving Money.  Thanks to its central location, deals on flights to Las Vegas are often easy to find. Once you’re here, you’ll find that thanks to the heavy competition among wedding planners and venues, everything you need to throw a memorable wedding is available at a fair price.
  • Less chaos; more enjoyment.  Las Vegas knows how to do weddings. All you need to do is pick a wedding planner, chapel or similar venue and let the professionals plan the rest.
  • Package deal.  You can easily organize the bachelor and bachelorette parties, wedding ceremony, after party and honeymoon. All you need for an unforgettable wedding is right here in Las Vegas.

Our own list of helicopter wedding packages offers an excellent example of the last-minute or even planned-well-in-advance weddings possible in Las Vegas. Here, you and your significant other can enjoy a flight over some of the most stunning sights. Certain options, like the Sunset Brilliance Wedding package, include a helicopter flight over Las Vegas, a landing at our private bluff at Valley of Fire State Park and ceremony overlooking the gorgeous landscape.

For more information about wedding helicopter tours, contact our in-house wedding coordinator at 702-948-1325.

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