The 30-somethings’ Guide to Las Vegas

Regardless of age, Las Vegas is a city sure to bring fun and excitement. That being said, certain activities and adventures cater more to certain age groups. To ensure you’re not missing anything your peers rave about, we’ve come up with a series on the Vegas experience for different age groups. Here, we’ve compiled a guide to Las Vegas for those in their 30s. At this point in your Vegas career, you’re more likely to be sharing your hotel room with a significant other instead of a half dozen friends. You’re fine with leaving the loud, incessant drone of electronic dance music to the 20-somethings. You’re looking for a little more return than a hangover on your vacation investment, but if you’re being honest, a hangover or two is likely.

West Rim Helicopter Tour

While playing a couple of hands of blackjack or struggling to grasp the finer points of pai gow after a gin martini is fun because you’re in your 30s and classy, you’re smart enough to know losing all your money to the casino doesn’t exactly make for a great vacation. That’s why you’re looking for that value-added Las Vegas attraction, something you’ll talk about for years to come. Enter Maverick Helicopters’ Grand Canyon Adventure tour. After complimentary ground transportation to our plush Las Vegas Boulevard terminal, you’ll fly over Hoover Dam and Lake Mead before arriving at Grand Canyon West Rim. Once there, your pilot will land the helicopter nearly 4,000 feet below the rim atop Maverick’s exclusive site along the banks of the Colorado River. Imagine sipping champagne in the heart of this natural wonder. Yeah, it’s as awesome as it sounds. The return flight affords passengers incredible views of Downtown Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip.

Check Out the Top Musical Acts

It’s almost as if all entertainment roads run through Vegas. Nearly every top touring band makes a stop in Sin City for a concert. With so many world-class venues, like T-Mobile Arena, The Cosmopolitan’s Chelsea, and MGM’s Grand Garden Arena, it’s not surprising that Vegas hosts some of the industry’s biggest names. Thanks to some high-profile residencies this summer, such as Backstreet Boys, Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin, 30-somethings visiting Las Vegas can reminisce over their formidable years. You can also catch some high-octane acts, including The Who, Britney Spears, and The Chainsmokers, appearing at Vegas hotels up and down the Strip.

Lounge Lizards

You’re well aware of the Vegas that leans heavily on electronic dance music, crowded mega-clubs and expensive liquor by the bottle. In fact, you Veni, Vidi, Vici’d all over that scene. So you’re fine with leaving the raucous nightclubs to the 20-somethings. What you’re looking for is someplace with just as much glamour but a lot less clamor. Consider Wynn’s Parasol Down. Located just below its sister lounge, Parasol Up, this semi-secluded watering hole features great views of the property’s 40-foot waterfall and Lake of Dreams. Nightly shows over the lake begin at sundown and run every half-hour until 12:30. For the Downtowners, Downtown Cocktail Room offers a contemporary, chic respite from the Old Vegas kitsch. Mellow vibes, exotic cocktails, and dark corners make for a swanky, intimate night out. Check out our list of Vegas’ most iconic drinks to help you decide how best to imbibe.

Where to Celebrate an Anniversary

Chances are good that a trip to Vegas in your 30s involves an anniversary of sorts. Maybe it’s a five-year wedding anniversary. Maybe it’s the 10-year friendship anniversary with a college roommate. Those visitors looking to celebrate appropriately needn’t look any further than Mandalay Bay’s Foundation Room. The key to a good anniversary dinner is a good conversation. Thanks to an abundance of mysterious ambiance, decadent food, creative drinks, and stunning Strip views, you’ll never run short on conversation starters. The patio seating more than 40 stories above Las Vegas Boulevard gives visitors a one-of-a-kind photo opportunity. Check out these other top-notch Vegas venues with equally top-notch views.

Book a Room Center Strip

Surprisingly, you can find some of the best deals on Las Vegas hotel rooms right in the heart of it all. About a mile from either end of the resort corridor, center Strip property’s, such as Bally’s, Flamingo and even Caesars Palace, offer great deals on hotel rooms and easy access to just about everything Glitter Gulch has to offer. You can still save some cash without having to sacrifice proximity to the Vegas attractions you want to see most. You’ll also avoid the younger, rowdier crowds found at properties like Hard Rock and Circus Circus. For more Vegas hotel room recommendations, read our 10 Hotel Tips for Lower Prices and Better Stays.

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