Add these sightseeing air tours to your Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to plan a mini getaway, and Las Vegas is a popular destination to visit. The city itself has many activities to offer and the Grand Canyon is just a short distance away when you fly with Maverick Helicopters.

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Grand Canyon Hiking Trails

While the most obvious appeal of Las Vegas lies within the glittering lights of the Strip, the resorts, casinos, and theaters aren’t the only things this area has to offer. Just a short distance away lie some of the most fascinating natural wonders and stunning landscapes that stretch for miles, including the famed Grand Canyon. One of the best ways to experience the beauty of this area is by taking a hike on one of the many exciting Grand Canyon hiking trails.

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Maverick’s Amazing Pilots

Maverick Helicopters’ sterling safety record and numerous safety awards are due in large part to its highly skilled pilots. From its inception, Maverick initiated highly effective training programs aimed at improving safety and technical knowledge that go above and beyond the Federal Aviation Administration’s standard regulatory requirements. Maverick’s pilots’ dedication to the well-being of guests and passion for their work comes through in their interaction with passengers. See for yourself what customers are saying about Maverick Helicopters’ amazing pilots.

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Facts about Whale Watching in Maui

Whale_Watching.jpgMaui is filled with natural beauty. One of the island’s most amazing examples of this is the humpback whale. Prime whale-watching season usually falls between November and May, when these mammals arrive at the warm waters surrounding Hawaii after a long migration through the Pacific Ocean. Many local tours will give you the opportunity to see humpback whales up close, but only Maverick can provide unparelleled aerial views of these amazing creatures. Before you embark on a whale watching tour in Maui, read these six surprising facts.

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FAQs About Traveling to the Grand Canyon

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Here we’ve updated and expanded on our Frequently Asked Questions to help you have your best experience when traveling to the Grand Canyon.

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