Add these sightseeing air tours to your Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to plan a mini getaway, and Las Vegas is a popular destination to visit. The city itself has many activities to offer and the Grand Canyon is just a short distance away when you fly with Maverick Helicopters.

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Vegas Helicopter Tour: See What Our Guests Are Saying

No trip to Las Vegas is complete without seeing the world famous Strip. See why our guests are saying a Vegas helicopter tour is the best way to see the Las Vegas Strip at night.

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The Maverick Difference – How Our Customer Service Stands Above the Rest

Maverick Helicopters is dedicated to creating a first-class, VIP experience for each one of our guests. We go above and beyond to provide the best in service before, during, and after your air tour. Continue reading “The Maverick Difference – How Our Customer Service Stands Above the Rest”

The Best Outdoor Activities in Vegas

The Las Vegas Valley is just about in that sweet spot between cold and hot, the Goldilocks zone if you will. You see, this desert doesn’t exactly see four seasons. There are really only two: hot and cold. For about a month between those seasons, the valley has some of the most idyllic weather you’ll experience anywhere on the planet. With that in mind, we detail some of the best outdoor activities Las Vegas has to offer. While most of these outdoor activities in Vegas can be done year round, the next month or so offers the most ideal conditions. Continue reading “The Best Outdoor Activities in Vegas”

The Best People-watching in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is hectic and fast-paced. From the moment you check in to your Las Vegas hotel until the cab ride back to McCarran, it’s a blur of casino tables, bar stools, golf carts and dance floors. That’s why it’s nice to take a moment, sit on the banks of this rushing river of human excess that is the Strip, and admire its inhabitants as they float by. Visit one or more of these top spots for people-watching in Las Vegas and soak in the city before it passes you by.

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Celebrating Important Anniversaries in Las Vegas

Whatever the important anniversary you’ll be celebrating in 2018, be it 10 years of friendship or 50 years of marriage, there is no better place to do it than Las Vegas. In this city where excitement and romance abound, there is a multitude of options for celebrating that special occasion. Check out these top picks for the perfect night out when celebrating important anniversaries.

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Maverick’s Amazing Pilots

Maverick Helicopters’ sterling safety record and numerous safety awards are due in large part to its highly skilled pilots. From its inception, Maverick initiated highly effective training programs aimed at improving safety and technical knowledge that go above and beyond the Federal Aviation Administration’s standard regulatory requirements. Maverick’s pilots’ dedication to the well-being of guests and passion for their work comes through in their interaction with passengers. See for yourself what customers are saying about Maverick Helicopters’ amazing pilots.

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Business Entertaining in Las Vegas

When it comes to entertaining business associates, there is no shortage of things to do in Las Vegas. The trick is to stand out. This probably isn’t the first go ‘round in Vegas for your potential clients, customers or partners. They’ve knocked back a few at more than one of Vegas’ nightclubs ad nauseam. They’ve been desensitized to the acrobatic stylings of Cirque du Soleil acts. No, what you need is that wow factor, something your business associates will remember fondly for years to come. Enter Maverick Helicopters.

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The Best Photo Ops Near Las Vegas Convention Center

If you didn’t post a bunch of photos from your Las Vegas convention to social media, did you even attend the convention? The practice has become so ubiquitous, it’s hard not to jump in on the act. When you want your social media dispatch to stand out, avoid the boring, obligatory photos of convention hall crowds. Instead, take advantage of the unique photo opportunities nearby the Las Vegas Convention Center to give your message the attention it deserves.

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