Stay Connected During Your Destination Wedding

Recent years have seen a lot of changes when it comes to all things wedding related. More people than ever are choosing to do weddings their own way. One of the continuing trends is the ‘where’ of the actual wedding, with brides and grooms more frequently abandoning large, traditional church weddings and choosing instead to exchange nuptials in an exotic backdrop with a more intimate group.

Destination weddings shouldn’t be confused with elopement, as they are pre-arranged and include a guest list of generally between 20 and 50 close friends and family members. For some, the limited guest list is one of the biggest benefits of throwing a destination wedding as it keeps things simple and offers the perfect excuse to cross distant cousins and co-workers off your list.

Yet, a destination wedding might also be unattendable by some very important family and friends who would love to attend, but can’t get the time off or afford the travel expenses. Thankfully, for those you do want to share your memorable moments with, communicating is easier than ever thanks to modern technology. Check out these great ways to include your loved ones on your special day:

Live stream via Facebook Live or Periscope. Live-streaming the wedding ceremony and reception is a great way to make your absent VIP wedding guests feel as if they are celebrating right there with you. A real-time connection can mean so much more than the receiving of a video recording later as they can share the experience with you as it occurs. To prepare for this, have someone set up an iPad or similar device onto a tripod at the front row of seating during the ceremony and at the main table during the reception. Be sure to check the facility to ensure it is hooked up with reliable Internet access beforehand, or rent a hot spot device.

Create a Facebook Event Page. Facebook’s ubiquitous makes it another great communication tool for those celebrating across distances. Here you can create private events and pages viewable only by those you invite. Once users accept your invitation, they can post and share videos, pictures and messages, both from the event as it occurs and from elsewhere as non-attendees send their congratulations.

Create Hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. Create a unique hashtag well in advance of the wedding and let your friends and family, including those who are going and those who are staying behind, know about it. Remind guests who are live-posting throughout the destination wedding to use the hashtag so those who aren’t there can see multiple perspectives of your wedding festivities.

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