Review: Canyon Dream Air and Land Tour

You’ve seen pictures of the Grand Canyon since grade school, but the descriptor hasn’t been invented to convey the overwhelming majesty awaiting as you gaze at this geological wonder – the result of millions of years of erosion along the Colorado River.

While there are hundreds of places to stop and take pictures and shoot video of the Grand Canyon, there is absolutely no better way to absorb the full 18-mile-wide expanse than to soar above it during Maverick’s Canyon Dream Air and Land tour.

Maverick offers the ultimate Grand Canyon adventure. A review from a visitor who was delighted with Maverick’s first-class service shows you shouldn’t miss out on experiencing the Grand Canyon from high above.

Embark on a grand adventure

Maverick’s 7.5-hour Grand Canyon tour actually begins with a flight of another kind: one aboard a Beechcraft 1900D aircraft. This flight will take you to Grand Canyon Airport, near the South Rim.

Upon arriving, board a Maverick “limousine in the sky” – a spacious and luxurious ECO-Star helicopter, featuring plush theater seating and wraparound windows. The latter affords panoramic views of the Tower of Ra, Kaibab National Forest and the Colorado River, as well as all of its springs and tributaries.

This journey concludes at Grand Canyon National Park. The region’s semi-arid desert climate has preserved many prehistoric fossils deep within the canyon’s caves. The Grand Canyon is also home to an amazing array of plant and animal life, including more than 1,500 plant, 355 bird, 89 mammal, 47 reptile, 17 fish and nine amphibian species.

You’ll have time to enjoy a delicious boxed lunch before reversing the trip – but you probably won’t have time to catch your breath.

Guest extols the Maverick “wow factor”

A recent Maverick guest, Sean, felt compelled to share with others how impressed he was with Maverick Helicopters’ tour and service. He wrote:

“I’m not prone to sending reviews on excursions or purchases, but on this occasion I felt I must make it known what a fantastic experience my wife Sue and I had on our trip in the helicopter to the Grand Canyon with you. The service was first class from start to finish, with everyone making us feel very comfortable and at ease. A special mention to our pilot Marcus, who provided a great tour with plenty of information in an easygoing manner, which made it all the more enjoyable. We shall recommend to family and friends who may be visiting in the future as it really provides the ‘wow’ factor and is the only way to see the Grand Canyon. Many thanks.”

Sean captured the essence of what Maverick strives to accomplish on every Grand Canyon tour: instill visitors with a profound sense of wonderment for one of the great wonders of the world.

As Sean discovered, seeing the Grand Canyon spring to life from the pages of all those science textbooks can be an experience of a lifetime. Seeing this natural wonder with Maverick is the crowning touch. Interact with us using our Live Chat feature or call 1-888-261-4414 to reserve your seat today!

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