Part of Nevada’s Rich History Best Seen from the Sky

The creation of an entertainment mecca in the middle of a desert is one of Nevada’s most well-known bits of history. But the birth of Las Vegas isn’t the only landmark worthy of seeing. Travel just a few miles outside the city limits and you’ll find even more rich history to experience. But the very best way to take all of this in is from a bird’s-eye view in the sky.

Grand Journey

Maverick Helicopter Tours will take you on a breathtaking journey into the Grand Canyon. Along the way you’ll get to experience some of the natural splendor that the desert has to offer. And within these majestic views are staples of Nevada history few have seen. Your flight takes you over Lake Las Vegas, Lake Mead, and Hoover Dam. To experience these locales on the ground is spectacular to say the least, but the view from the top is exhilarating. Among these more well-known treasures lay structures and sights that even a Vegas native may not be privy to know about. That’s where the friendly and knowledgeable pilots of Maverick come in. During your flight they do double duty as your tour guide, pointing out the great sights and picture ops on your tour that you won’t want to miss…and some you wouldn’t even know to look for.

Pearce Ferry Airport

As you venture further out, you’re taken through parts of Arizona where you’ll see a bit of history from WWII. Pearce Ferry Airport is clearly visible from the sky as it’s marked with a large X signifying the landing strip pilots once used for runway drills during wartime.

Wheel of Misfortune

During the Wind Dancer Air and Landing Tour you will come across a 250-feet wide roadside attraction known as “The Wheel of Misfortune.” A play off of the popular TV game show of similar name, this “Wheel” was painted by an artist in 2012 at an abandoned mining site. The spaces read pessimistic statements like “Lose a Home,” or “Lose All Hope.” The Wheel of Misfortune is on private property and may well be toxic, which is why seeing it from the sky is the perfect option.

Fortification Hill

Did you know that Nevada has a volcano? Located near Hoover Dam and Lake Mead is the extinct volcano Fortification Hill. This ancient flow-capped mesa came into existence around 13 million years ago. As you fly past, you can just make out the magma that has since solidified at the top.

Colorado River

Maverick’s Wind Dancer Tour will continue 3,500 feet down into the Grand Canyon of Hualapai Indian Territory. Upon landing you’ll be able to step out onto the crest of the hill to soak in the surroundings of the Colorado River below with the Grand Canyon mountain range as a backdrop. Enjoy a light snack and a champagne toast provided by Maverick before re-boarding the Airbus Helicopter to take in more of the scenic views.

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Bowl of Fire

You’ll enjoy seeing some of the great natural landscapes like the Bowl of Fire, and delight in the appearance of wildlife that are often meandering about. Your flight back into Las Vegas will take you past the downtown area and over the Strip.

For an added bonus, consider a Grand Canyon Sunset Tour which allows you to see the Grand Canyon during the day and return to Vegas at night to really experience the Strip in all its neon glory!


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