Maverick’s New Event Center

Helicopters are often billed as a small group activity, but with Maverick’s new event center, helicopter flights and events can be large-scale fun. Our new event center accommodates up to 100 people, perfect for your next corporate event or group celebration. Enhance your next big event by merging exhilarating helicopter experiences with a fantastic venue.

Personal Branding and Decoration

Whether you’re planning a corporate event or a wedding, making the space your own is a must. Maverick’s event center can be decorated to make your event shine! Brand the space with your company logo on our digital screens, or for a personal event, bring in flowers and photos. Create a serene place to relax with business associates around flight times or a hub of activity with dancing and games for your next birthday. Whatever you’re celebrating, the event center can be dressed up to reflect any theme.

Create a Customized and Inclusive Event

It’s more than just decorating that makes a great event. Maverick Helicopters doesn’t only provide a venue and a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but we can also help you arrange catering and additional entertainment for your big occasion. Guests can eat, drink and dance while enjoying their helicopter ride. Whether you want a small cocktail reception or a party worthy of Las Vegas, our event center can provide the perfect backdrop to turn it into a reality.

Conveniently Located

You don’t have to travel to a distant locale for your special event. Our event center is conveniently located on Las Vegas Boulevard, making it easy to find for locals and visitors alike. A check-in desk is located within the event center so guests don’t have to leave the party. This all-in-one venue has everything your company needs for its next retreat. If you’re ready to bring big fun to your next company or personal event, contact Karim Hussain for more information. Call (702) 948-1341 or email to turn your helicopter experience into an exciting event.

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