Maverick Wedding FAQs

If you’re planning a destination wedding, there’s no better way to arrive than in a Maverick helicopter! From the amazing views to a fabulous wedding location like the Grand Canyon, we’ll help you make your special day one you and your guests will be talking about for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions About Maverick Weddings

Who can help me plan my wedding?

Maverick’s in-house wedding coordinator will help you plan every detail of your special day. Our wedding packages include the minister, photographer, bouquet and boutonniere, hors d’oeuvres, champagne and wedding cake. Our experience and knowledge can help guide you through each aspect of your planning with the rest of your vendors to help your wedding day be problem-free.

Should I tip the pilot?

Our wedding packages include a tip for the pilot and payment for the minister and photographer. It’s not expected to tip them, but it’s always appreciated if you feel inclined to do so.

Will the helicopter mess up my hair?

We realize that brides as well as the bridal party put time and effort into theirhair so it will look just right on the special day and in photographs. The helicopter’s rotor is not started until all passengers are inside, so your hair stays looking its best. We also offer versatile, flexible ear protection that can be worn in several different ways to accommodate various hairstyles.

Is it safe to wear high heels on the landing pad?

Our in-house wedding planner thinks of everything, even your shoes! Maverick’s landing pad is smooth, so you and your wedding party will be able to walk steadily in high heels.

What days and times do Maverick weddings take place?

We offer flexible scheduling so you can get married when you want to, day or night. Our in-house wedding planner will help you reserve the date and time perfect for you.

Where can you get married?

We offer weddings at different destinations, but our most popular destination is the Grand Canyon. It’s hard to imagine a more stunning backdrop. You and your guests will be in awe of the views, and you’ll have the most amazing wedding photographs to help you relive your special day.

Will tourists disrupt the ceremony?

The Grand Canyon is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations, which is why Maverick has private landing spot so your ceremony will be intimate and tourist-free.

To save the date for your destination helicopter wedding, contact us at 1-702-948-1325.

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