Maverick Helicopters Wins Best Air Tour Award 7th Year Running

Maverick Helicopters

At Maverick Helicopters, we’re honored to receive the Best Air Tour award from the Southern Nevada Hotel Concierge Association (SNHCA). Anytime an organization wins an award it’s an honor, but we’re especially proud of this accolade because of what it says about us and who bestows the award.

Maverick Helicopters

A Tradition of Excellence in the Air

This is the seventh year in a row Maverick Helicopters has received the Best Air Tour award. The first time we were given the honor it was a great achievement, but this time is just as exciting because we’re celebrating 20 years of flying out of Las Vegas.

An Honor from Caring Concierges

Concierges throughout the valley who are members of the SNHCA vote on the Concierge Choice Awards. These are members of the Las Vegas community who regularly help guests find the best things to do in the city, and they agree, our aerial tours are right up there with the top entertainment options.

It’s encouraging to be recognized by professionals who help their hotel guests make reservations for tours, shows, and meals everyday. It shows they have confidence in our tours because the guests we take up into the air are returning and saying good things about their experiences.

Tours of Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon

The award was given for our helicopter tours of Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Our Las Vegas tours include impressive views of the Strip both during the day and at night, and some also fly over Hoover Dam. We have a multitude of Grand Canyon tours, many of which touch down at various points along the rim of the canyon. Some of our most popular tours are:

Rave Reviews from Guests

In addition to recently receiving the Best Air Tour award from SNHCA, we’re also thrilled to regularly hear reviews from our customers. To see what some of our customers have said about our tours, check out our blog post of recent reviews. You can also find customer testimonials on Google+, and TripAdvisor.

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