Maverick Helicopters in the LA Times!

Maverick Helicopters’ tours have become all the rave, as illustrated by the recent feature in the Los Angeles Times. This article highlights the company’s recently added Maui tour, the Hana Rainforest Experience, which is sure to bring excitement and fun for you and the whole family.

The Hana Rainforest Experience tour gives passengers a bird’s-eye view of the coastline of Maui and wonderful scenic views of the island, including magnificent cascading waterfalls and wondrous sea cliffs. The pilot of your luxurious ECO-130 helicopter will point out popular points of interest along the way.

Following the sky tour, the helicopter stops in the beautiful, lush tropical rainforest, landing where a former taro plantation once stood. Take in the glorious and natural surroundings, hike to natural streams and see trees filled with coconuts and lemons, as well as passion fruit growing on vines.

This helicopter tour and landing experience, lasting approximately an hour and 15 minutes, is truly unique. (Refer to this blog for three of the best ways to remember your trip.)

The Hana Rainforest Experience has resulted in many happy and satisfied customers, commenting on the uniqueness of being fully immersed in the rainforest and the incredibility of the entire adventure. Previous guests have also raved about the pilots and their friendly demeanor, their knowledge of the Maui area and their skillful ability to handle the helicopter.

If you’d like more information about the Hana Rainforest Experience tour or would like to book your seat, please don’t hesitate to contact Maverick Maui at 1-808-893-7999 or LiveChat with our operators. You don’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience on the beautiful Hawaiian island. Book your tour today!

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