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Maverick Helicopters and Silent Savasana’s HeliYoga Featured in Yoga Journal

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HeliYoga, the ultimate exclusive experience for yoga lovers, is a must for both beginner and experienced yogis. This new and exciting practice is a joint venture between Maverick Helicopters and Silent Savasana that launched November of last year. It is quickly making a name for itself, as illustrated by the recent feature in Yoga Journal.

During this yoga experience, fly in a state-of-the-art helicopter to a breathtaking destination atop a sandstone peak in Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. This spot, accessible strictly by helicopter, offers a spectacular view of the park that you would otherwise not be able to see.

The HeliYoga tour, which includes a 75-minute yoga class, is able to accommodate up to six students and runs $3,500. This is an experience that is definitely one-of-a-kind. Aside from the ultimate spot to practice yoga, you will see Las Vegas from a bird’s-eye view aboard the helicopter ride, sip on a glass of champagne and have the opportunity to explore the park. If you are staying within a few miles of the Las Vegas Strip, you will also enjoy a limousine ride in style to the helicopter terminal.

In addition to the above mentioned perks, you will also receive a Lululemon branded yoga mat, as well as a set of wireless headphones. The headphones add to the experience, blocking outside noise and allowing you to hear the yoga teacher, as well as non-traditional yoga music, such as Frank Sinatra, David Bowie and Dean Martin.

The yoga class itself is considered free flow yoga, with an influence from a variety of yoga practices, including: Sumit’s, Bikram and Dharma.

Just picture yourself, relaxed and ready to practice yoga in the most spectacular setting. If you are looking for a truly unique yoga experience, you have found it with HeliYoga. Contact Maverick Helicopters today at 888-261-4414 to learn more about this tour or to schedule your flight!


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