Maverick Expands Its Luxurious Maui Fleet

Maui Coastline

Maverick Helicopters has expanded its luxurious fleet of helicopters in Maui. For island visitors, the recent expansion means they have a greater chance than ever to successfully book a flight on a Maverick ECO-Star helicopter – so lavish they’re known as “limousines of the sky.”

“While people marvel at the views of Maui from the ground, we know that the most spectacular views really exist from the sky,” said Brenda Rochna, who co-owns Maverick with her husband, Greg. “To be able to give more Maui guests the chance to see this magnificent island from that vantage point is very gratifying.”

Maui Coastline

Maverick brings fourth helicopter to Maui

Over the course of 20 years, Maverick has earned both a pristine safety record and a reputation for giving its guests first-class flights that meld exhilaration with unparalleled attention to customer service. In fact, Maverick Helicopters is the only company in the world to be named not once, but twice, to the Travel Channel’s list of “10 Best Helicopter Thrills.”

Maverick operates a fleet of 50 Airbus EC-130s out of four locations, where it has become firmly entrenched as a favorite among tourists: the Grand Canyon South Rim, the Grand Canyon West Rim, Las Vegas and Maui.

Until recently, only three EC-130s have been stationed in Maui. A fourth has been transported from Maverick’s Las Vegas fleet, creating a rumble of excitement for the Rochnas as well as Maui tourists.

Maverick’s helicopters teem with luxurious amenities

The EC-130 is known as a “Quiet Technology” helicopter. This is important because it allows passengers to clearly hear the personal narratives and anecdotes provided by pilots.

ECO-Star helicopters feature:

  • Cabin space for as many as seven passengers, making the helicopters nearly 25 percent more spacious than other helicopters in the sky
  • Leather, theater-style seats
  • Wraparound windows for superior visibility
  • Surround sound for optimal hearing

Maverick’s golden name entices guests

As the Maverick team knows, sometimes more than a thrilling ride in a luxury cabin is needed to entice first-time helicopter flyers. If they’re nervous about flying on a large airplane, they might be even more reluctant to climb on board a helicopter. They are won over by Maverick’s safety record and industry distinctions.

  • Maverick has the best safety record of any tourism-based aviation company in the world.
  • Maverick Aviation Group is a proud recipient of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) distinguished Diamond Award. It recognizes aviation companies that implement effective training programs aimed at improving safety and technical knowledge that exceed the FAA’s usual regulatory requirements.
  • Maverick’s pilots are among the best-trained in the tourist industry and have received more than 150 awards for safety and customer service.

More than 225,000 people experience the “6-mile high” of riding a Maverick helicopter every year. Now that Maverick has expanded its Maui fleet, it is even easier for you to become one of them. Call Maverick today at 800-978-0266 to book your reservation – and revel in many Maverick Maui moments aboard their resplendent aircraft.

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