Maui Sights Every Visitor Must See

Maui is known for its breathtaking landscapes and tropical scenery. If you’d like to see the top Maui sights, there’s no better view than from our Maui helicopter tours. All of our tours offer amazing views and access to the most sought-after locations.

Top Maui Sights to See on a Helicopter Tour

Maui Coastline
Hana Rainforest

The Hana Rainforest has become one of the most popular Maui sights. Visitors enjoy the lush vegetation, wildlife and beautiful waterfalls that can be seen here. You can see this remote Maui landscape on several Maverick tours. However, the Hana Rainforest Experience is the only tour that features a 30-minute landing in an exclusive spot beneath the rain forest canopy.

Haleakala National Park

This park captures the diversity and beauty of the Hawaiian landscape with its volcano formations and sub-tropical rain forest. The Maui Dream tour provides intimate, bird’s-eye views of the crater as you circle the island.

West Maui Mountains

These towering mountains are surrounded by rainforest with waterfalls, hidden valleys and more. The Molokai Voyage and Maui Dream offer unparalleled views of the fascinating landscapes.

Iao Valley State Park

A peaceful park encompassing 4,000 acres, Iao Valley State Park is home to Maui’s Iao Needle and is covered with beautiful vegetation. This green-mantled, lava rock outcropping is a popular place to hike and sight-see and is part of the Molokai Voyage tour.

Elephant Rock

This unique rock formation to the north of Molokai is best viewed from a helicopter. The Sunset Odyssey tour includes stunning views of Elephant Rock as it takes you over three different islands in Hawaii.

Halawa Valley

The historic Halawa Valley features beautiful vistas and towering waterfalls and contains ancient rock formations created by its original inhabitants. The valley can be seen on the Molokai Voyage tour.

Old Hana Town

The Road to Hana ends at this small, yet bustling, town that gives you a glimpse of old Hawaii. Take the Maui Spirit tour to see its charm first-hand, as well as a volcano crater, several waterfalls and Hana Rainforest.

Shipwreck Beach

Shipwreck Beach earned its name after several shipwrecks occurred starting in the early 1800s. Although unsafe for swimming due to high trade winds, powerful currents and many reefs, the beach offers gorgeous views of the setting sun, and a famous ship from WWII can be seen stranded at a nearby reef. The Sunset Odyssey tour features all this and more.

Town of Makena

This rugged area on Maui’s southern coast is home to ancient trails, as well as Turtle Town, one of the best snorkeling locations in Maui due to its abundance of green sea turtles (honus). Both the Maui Spirit and Sunset Odyssey tours provide some of the best views of Makena and Turtle Town.

Town of Kihei

Kihei is a popular tourist attraction, perhaps best known for its string of beaches and its variety of restaurants and shopping venues, all of which are in close proximity to the many hotels, condos and timeshares in the town. Kihei is also known for being very dry and dusty. The Maui Spirit or Sunset Odyssey tours allow passengers to experience this vibrant destination without being exposed to the heat and dust.

Town of Wailea

Wailea boasts five crescent-shaped beaches, several golf courses and fabulous ocean views. It is also home to some of the top snorkeling spots in Maui. The Maui Spirit or Sunset Odyssey tour showcase the tranquil luxury of this enormous area, which is three times larger than Waikiki.

These are just some of the Maui sights to be seen aboard Maverick’s helicopter tours. Contact us at 1-808-978-0266 to book your tour today!

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