Luxury Travel Tips for Las Vegas

Vegas is one of the preeminent destinations for luxury travel. World-class spas? Check. Multiple Michelin Star restaurants? Most definitely. Top-notch service? You know it. Las Vegas hotels afford guests some of the highest levels of service anywhere. If luxurious accommodations and amenities are at the top of your Vegas vacation priorities, read on for some of our best luxury travel tips.
If you want a room upgrade, just ask. You don’t need to pretend that you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary. Hotel staffers have heard it all before. For the best chance at a Vegas hotel room upgrade, check-in later in the afternoon when hotels will have a clearer picture of no-shows and cancellations. You’ll be more likely to score that better view when the hotel has a better view to offer. If all else fails, know that in this town, cash is king. You’d be surprised how far a crisp $50 bill will get you.

The choice of restaurants can make or break a luxury vacation in Las Vegas. The politics of restaurant reviewing results in the occasional snubbing of deserving establishments and lauding of the undeserving. If you really want to find the best restaurants in Las Vegas, simply keep your ear to the ground. Ask your hotel concierge for recommendations. These individuals more than anyone are well connected to the best restaurants in Vegas.

Bypass the ridiculous taxi lines and avoid those awful ride-sharing drivers. Simply talk to a valet attendant about snagging a limousine ride to your next destination. The valets run the show under the porte-cocheres and typically work with “freelance” limo operators who wait nearby for opportune fares. For the right price, the limo driver will be your personal chauffeur for the weekend. It is also useful to look for local businesses that offer complimentary ground transportation to their properties and attractions.

Hotels on the Strip are constantly reinventing themselves to appeal to the next generation of Vegas tourists. One way in which Strip resorts have done this recently is by reimagining the functionality of lobby spaces. Look out for ultra-hip lounges to meet, network or relax with an ultra-dirty martini. Some resorts, most notably Bellagio, have transformed their lobbies into works of art. The massive display of Dale Chihuly glass hanging above the lobby is truly Instagram-worthy. Be it a host of high-end retail stores or a chandelier-shaped bar, luxury hotels in Vegas are bringing opulence to the forefront.

Visitors to Las Vegas are always looking for authentic, adventurous experiences. Luxury travelers seek out hotels that offer on- and off-property activities that add value to a vacation. Resorts, such as Wynn and Encore, boast on-site golf courses, unbelievable day spas and thought-provoking public art displays. Additionally, Maverick Helicopters has partnered with Las Vegas hotels to provide world-class air tours of the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and the Las Vegas Strip. Be sure to inquire about our tours at the concierge desk or browse our listings for more information.

Wellness travel is a popular craze sweeping the tourism industry. Hotels in Vegas are looking to cash in on the trend by offering health-focused services and programs. Maverick Helicopters can help you take your wellness travel to new heights. The world’s most exclusive yoga experience, HeliYoga Limitless takes up to six passengers on a nearly three-hour journey to a remote mountain top within Valley of Fire State Park for an hour-long yoga session amidst this breathtaking landscape. This is one of those luxury experiences you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Vegas is a premier destination for luxury travel. While here, be sure to connect with Maverick Helicopters for luxury air tours and excursions that are sure to make your vacation a memorable experience. Like our Facebook page for more vacation recommendations, travel advice and exclusive deals.

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