Let Maverick Helicopters Deliver Your Dream Wedding

Let Maverick Helicopters Deliver Your Dream Wedding

Planning a destination wedding can be a real hassle, but Maverick Helicopters’ all-inclusive wedding packages allow you to focus on the important things. Our in-house wedding coordinator is here to take care of all the details, making your destination wedding planning a breeze. For more information on our Las Vegas wedding packages, contact our wedding planner today and read on for answers to some frequently asked questions.

How many guests can attend our Maverick Helicopters wedding ceremony?

Our helicopters can seat up to seven passengers, not including the minister and photographer.

Can we pay for additional helicopters, and how much it will cost?
Additional helicopters can be purchased for your ceremony, and the cost is approximately $1,000 less than the platinum package price

Can we provide our own photographer and exclude the costs for your photographer?
Yes, you may bring your own photographer. If you do, you will want to select either our Gold or Silver packages.

If we have our own decorations, can we incorporate them into the ceremony?
Absolutely, just keep in mind that our helicopters do have size and weight restrictions for transporting all items.

We would like to include a small banquet with snacks and cold champagne. Do you have a table at the landing site?
We do have picnic tables set up at our landing site, and we do include hors d’oeuvres and champagne in the package pricing.

How many people can the limousine seat?
The limos we normally reserve can seat six. We can book a limo for up to eight people if needed. For parties larger than that, we typically reserve more than one vehicle to transport everyone to and from our facility. There are larger limos that can be reserved but there would be additional fees associated with that.

What sights can we see during the helicopter flight to the Grand Canyon?
In addition to the canyon itself, you will be able to see the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Lake Las Vegas and Fortification Hill from the air.

Can we choose the wedding officiant?
We work with several different officiants, and while you can make special requests as to who you would prefer, we cannot guarantee they will be available. You are also welcome to hire your own officiant for the ceremony.

What is the normal amount of tips, and to whom should we give them?
The gratuities for the pilots and limo drivers are included in your package price. If you would like to add a tip for the minister and photographer, it is completely at your discretion. When people do offer the officiant and photographer tips, it is usually between $20 and $50.

With a variety of all-inclusive Las Vegas wedding packages available, Maverick Helicopters can make your special day perfect. Enjoy the fairy tale wedding of your dreams without the hassle of worrying about the little details. To talk to our in-house wedding coordinator, call 702-948-1325 today.

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