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Las Vegas Pools with Swim-up Amenities

Posted by Maverick Helicopters on Apr 4, 2017 7:05:00 PM

Tropicana first opened its doors in 1957. It wasn’t long before management began to notice that gaming revenue during the hot summer months did not correlate with the uptick in room reservations. They quickly discovered the reason tables were empty was that the property’s immense, tropical paradise-themed pool was just too tempting. In an attempt to beat the desert heat, most of the guests were in the pool, so Tropicana management decided to bring the blackjack tables to the guests. And so the Strip’s first swim-up blackjack table was born.These days, most of the Strip’s lavish aquatic facilities feature some sort of poolside gaming complete with bikini-clad dealers and zinc-nosed pit bosses. If you’re spending spring break in Las Vegas, consider participating in some of this damp debauchery.

TropicanaTropicana - Las Vegas Pools with Swim-up Amenities
It always recommended to start at the beginning. Tropicana has long had a reputation as offering one of the city’s finest pools. In 2009, the property underwent a $165 million renovation, the third phase of which focused on revamping the pool area. The now South Beach-themed facilities feature multiple pools connected by water slides, a 16-foot waterfall, lush landscaping and, of course, swim-up blackjack. The Tropicana pool is free to use for locals and hotel guests. All others need only cough up a $5 bill.

Caesars PalaceCaesars Palace - Las Vegas Pools with Swim-up Amenities
Iconic Caesars Palace is home to the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis featuring seven luxurious pools, all of which offer swim-up blackjack. If you really feel like splurging, pamper yourself with poolside spa services provided by Qua Baths & Spa. There's not much better than a head massage paired with a frozen daiquiri. The party crowd will want to plan a pool day for either Friday or Saturday when the resident DJs perform. Entry to the massive aquatic complex is free for hotel guests. There is a $20 cover charge for everyone else.

Hard RockHard Rock - Las Vegas Pools with Swim-up Amenities
If Tropicana invented the ca-SEA-ino, it was Hard Rock that perfected it. Not only does the property’s Paradise Beach offer swim-up blackjack tables, guests can also throw some dice at swim-up craps tables. There’s a “craps in the pool” joke to be had here, but we’ll take the moral high road. The swanky swim-up bar serves up devilishly good frozen libations and the perfect pool day snacks. Whether you’re relaxing in one of the 37 extravagant private cabanas or taking a dive in the pool, the party never stops thanks to the state-of-the-art underwater sound system. For the ultimate spring break in Las Vegas experience, there’s no place like Rehab Beach Club.

These cool in-water amenities are sure to keep your Las Vegas spring break afloat. For more fun Las Vegas vacation advice and recommendations subscribe to Maverick Helicopters blog. If you enjoyed this post, be sure to share it to your Facebook timeline using the button at the top of the page.

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