How to Choose the Right Destination Wedding Planner

Planning any wedding is a significant undertaking, but successfully pulling off a destination wedding is an especially challenging feat. To coordinate the numerous details that go into a wedding from afar requires a professional’s help. What kind of wedding planner is best, though? If you’re planning a destination wedding, an on-site coordinator can make planning your big day and ensuring it goes well much easier.

An On-site Wedding Coordinator

An on-site coordinator will have intimate knowledge of your destination area. If you’ve been there before, you might have one or two favorite places or activities you want included in your wedding plans. Your on-site coordinator will be able to work with the establishments you love to make sure your wedding is precisely how you want it and that it’s designed uniquely for you and your beloved.

The coordinator will also be able to make informed recommendations because they live in and know the area. For example, they have knowledge of hidden gems, such as restaurants and unique excursions in the area, that will keep guests talking about your destination wedding for years to come.

Finally, an on-site coordinator will often be able to save you money, since they regularly work with vendors in the area. They have relationships to help you get the best service at an affordable price.

A Local Destination Wedding Planner

A wedding planner in your area can complement the efforts of an on-site coordinator by helping you get things ready for the big day. A local planner won’t be as helpful when it comes to booking the rehearsal dinner, but will be able to help you with dress fittings and sending out invitations.

Two Wedding Planners

Working with both an on-site coordinator and a local destination wedding planner gives you two people who are dedicated to helping you have your dream wedding. Most wedding planners are willing to coordinate with another, as long as you are upfront. Tell your on-site coordinator in your initial discussion that you’d like to also hire a local planner, and they’ll certainly understand.

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