High-flying Customer Reviews Enable Maverick to Begin 2017 on Lofty Note

Most business owners usually have a strong gut sense when things are going well and especially when they’re not.

So when a customer takes the time to share a positive experience, it does more than confirm that gut sense; it compels a business owner to try even harder to up the ante and give customers an even better experience.

Such was the case when a customer wrote to us about a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon: “Maverick did a great job, and I was extremely satisfied with the tour! There was absolutely no fault in the trip and I am very happy that the MGM recommended Maverick. Ben, our pilot, was very funny and friendly and super informative.”

It’s reviews like this one that are enabling us to begin 2017 on a lofty note. We’re setting our sights even higher when it comes to exceeding customer expectations this year. As always, we’ll do our best to replicate other 6-mile-high experiences that customers have written to us about. Here is a sampling from our Grand Canyon tour reviews:

Maverick in One Word? “Unforgettable”

“Unforgettable is the right word for this exciting helicopter ride. The view looks spectacular; the pilot’s attention, excellent. We are all fascinated by this experience.”

Maverick Makes It Real

“We have always wanted to take in this adventure. Having viewed the Canyon from commercial flights, we thought a close and personal tour would be spectacular, and it was. Booking via the online site was easy. The flight was fantastic. Our pilot was great and provided a great commentary on both ways. He had a great personality and made the tour enjoyable. The flight through the canyon and the landing at the base was spectacular. Words cannot describe the sights. We would highly recommend Maverick and its staff for a great experience.”

Maverick Makes Memories

“We were six friends who tried Maverick Helicopters, and we could not be more satisfied. Our pilot, Halsey Schider, was very funny and told us everything to know about the areas around Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. I would highly recommend him if you get to choose your pilot. This is something I will remember for the rest of my life.”

Maverick’s Got the Views

“We visited the Grand Canyon on a Hummer tour and decided at the last moment to take the helicopter flight down into the floor of the canyon. This is the best way to see the canyon at the top and the bottom, giving you the full sense of how big the canyon is. Don’t miss the opportunity!“

Maverick Ranks First Class

“We did the four-hour tour, which included landing on the floor on the Grand Canyon. The helicopter comfortably seated seven passengers with great views even from the middle seats in the back. Our pilot, Tim, was terrific; very knowledgeable and engaging with all passengers and did his best to ensure everyone enjoyed their tour. Everything about our tour was first class, from the limousine pick-up and drop-off to the quality of helicopter and the incredible surrounds of the floor of the spectacular Grand Canyon. Our expectations were definitely exceeded.”

This is the goal at Maverick: to exceed expectations. So thank you to our guests for allowing us to wow them with our tours and sharing their experiences with us.

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