Grand Canyon Hiking Trails

While the most obvious appeal of Las Vegas lies within the glittering lights of the Strip, the resorts, casinos, and theaters aren’t the only things this area has to offer. Just a short distance away lie some of the most fascinating natural wonders and stunning landscapes that stretch for miles, including the famed Grand Canyon. One of the best ways to experience the beauty of this area is by taking a hike on one of the many exciting Grand Canyon hiking trails.

Great Grand Canyon Hiking Trails

  • South Kaibab Trail. This is one of the most popular trails on the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. Witness the wildlife and breathtaking landscapes as you descend into the canyon. There are several rest-stops along the way where hikers can sit and marvel at the natural monument before them. This is the perfect trail for those who want to take a weekend trip to the Grand Canyon, as venturing all the way down to the Colorado River and back is a two-day trip. Otherwise, hikers can go halfway and back for a full day adventure.
  • Bright Angel Trail. This is one of the most popular hiking routes into the canyon. Get an early morning start to make the 4.5-mile trek to Indian Gardens and enjoy dramatic sights of the canyon walls along the way. There is a campground at Indian Gardens for those who wish to make this an overnight trip and continue another 2.5 miles the next day to Plateau Point, where you’ll find a fantastic view of the Colorado River.
  • Hermit Trail to Dripping Springs. This is a challenging but manageable hiking trail, ideal for people who don’t like hiking in crowds, as it’s located in a less-frequented area of the South Rim. Its position along the west-facing walls also offers hikers shade and exciting sights, including fossilized animal tracks and two natural springs. Between April and October is a prime time of year to hike this trail.

When Your Feet Are Ready for a Rest, Why Not Fly?

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