Fun Maverick Facts

At Maverick Helicopters, we are nuts about numbers. After all, you can’t safely take off, fly and land a helicopter or airplane without paying detailed attention to your altitude, speed and many other figures. We thought it would be fun to take a look at history through our company’s numbers. Here are some highlights from the statistics we found, along with the trends they reveal.

A History of Growth

Our company has grown a lot since its inception in 1996. We began with just one helicopter and a small team. Now, we have:

  • 47 helicopters in our fleet
  • 40 shuttles (including 15 limo coaches)
  • 428 employees (including 84 pilots)

During this time, we’ve been honored with:

  • 7 consecutive awards for “Best Air Tour” from the Southern Nevada Hotel Concierge Association
  • The privilege of being the exclusive helicopter operator at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for seven years

An Experienced Team and High-end Fleet

We’re proud to say our employees are some of the most experienced in the industry:

  • Each of our pilots had at least 1,200 hours of flight experience before they joined our team
  • Our pilots have logged a combined total of more than 400,000 flight hours in our aircraft
  • Our maintenance technicians logged more than 2,755 training hours in 2015 (including 1,900 hours through our own training programs)

Our maintenance technicians log so many training hours because they’re responsible for keeping all of our aircraft in excellent condition. This includes caring for our Airbus EC130/H130 ECO-Star helicopters, which:

  • Have 80,000 different components
  • Underwent $3.3 million in retrofits

While we’re proud of the work all of our employees do each day, we were especially impressed by everyone’s effort during the Electric Daisy Carnival this year. We had 22 helicopters in use and remained open for 90 hours straight. We were only able to do this because we have so many great, experienced employees.

Lots of Tour Options for Lots of Guests

Most of all, we’re grateful we can share so many experiences with our guests. At Maverick, we:

  • Have four terminals (in Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon South Rim, the Grand Canyon West Rim and Maui)
  • Recently invested $5 million in our Las Vegas terminal
  • Can fit 12 helicopters at our exclusive landing site at the bottom of the Grand Canyon
  • Can travel to the Grand Canyon from McCarran International Airport in just 45 minutes

We’d like to close by saying thank you to the guests who have enjoyed our tours, which include:

  • 200,000 guests who fly with us each year
  • Guests from Portugal, Spain, China and other countries who have learned about the places we fly through our 13-language narration system

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