FAA bestows Maverick Helicopters with its sixth consecutive “Diamond Award” for safety excellence

A sterling reputation can be a tough thing to live up to – unless you’re Maverick Helicopters and are already accustomed to setting customers’ expectations sky-high.

The Federal Aviation Administration recently upped Maverick’s pristine industry safety reputation. We’re proud to announce that our Las Vegas and Grand Canyon South Rim locations have been presented with the administration’s prestigious Award of Excellence “Diamond Award” for the sixth consecutive year. This is the second consecutive year our Maui location has taken home the award.

Award reflects Maverick’s steadfast commitment to excellence

True to the FAA’s charter, they focus squarely on safety in their rigorous review of aviation companies. The FAA created the Award of Excellence to single out companies and their maintenance technicians for participating in its Aviation Maintenance Technician Awards Program. This program encourages aviation employers like Maverick to participate in continuous learning and training programs that cover FAA rules, regulations and aviation maintenance.

The “Diamond Award” — the highest award the FAA bestows — recognizes aviation companies and maintenance specialists that initiate highly effective training programs aimed at improving safety and technical knowledge that go above and beyond the FAA’s standard regulatory requirements. In other words, only companies that truly exceed the FAA’s expectations receive the award.

Our technicians recorded more than 3,000 hours of training – nearly 75 percent of which were provided through the company’s own training courses. Our technicians might even be called over-achievers since 100 percent of them received individual awards through in-house and factory training.

The pursuit of excellence defines Maverick’s culture

The steadfast pursuit of excellence is a deeply ingrained part of the culture at Maverick Helicopters, which treats more than 200,000 visitors a year to dazzling helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon, Maui and Las Vegas.

“We take great pride in receiving one of the FAA’s highest honors, the ‘Diamond Award’ of Excellence, for the sixth year in a row,” said John Buch, president of Maverick Aviation Group. “We aim to provide an unparalleled experience at Maverick Helicopters, and the ‘Diamond Award’ is a testament to our maintenance department’s outstanding commitment to safety, quality and reliability.”

The FAA award is one-way Maverick demonstrates its commitment to safety, Buch said. He noted Maverick also:

  • Boasts the top safety record of any tourism-based aviation company in the world.
  • Hires only the most skilled pilots in the industry, who have received more than 150 awards for safety and customer service.
  • Has invested more than $85 million in Quiet Technology helicopters, making it the owner of the largest and youngest fleet of elite ECO-Star helicopters in the world.

Reading about our accomplishments is one thing, but experiencing how we provide what the Travel Channel calls one of the “10 Best Helicopter Thrills” in the country is something else entirely. Whether you’re traveling to the Grand Canyon, Maui or Las Vegas, see for yourself how we live up to our sterling reputation.

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