Essential Items for Las Vegas Convention Goers

There are not many work-related activities quite as exciting as a trip to a Las Vegas convention. The nightlife. The food. The casinos. The bright lights. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and forget a crucial item or two. Not to worry. Your friends at Maverick Helicopters have put together a list of the essential items every Las Vegas convention goer needs.

Vegas Night flight

More Tech, More Problems

One way to simplify your business travel is to leave your laptop at home. Unless you absolutely need your computer for a presentation, just go with your smartphone. The move will save space in your luggage, which you’ll definitely need for all the convention swag you’ll walk away with. Conventions in Las Vegas tend to be all day affairs, so investing in an auxiliary power bank is a solid idea. You could also go the charging cable route, but locating and camping out near a power outlet can be a hassle. Consider using a multi-USB charger. As available outlets are sometimes scarce, you’re sure to make new friends in a hurry.

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The Pen Is Mightier Than the Smartphone

While the gadgets do make life easier, there are no substitutes for the classics. Bring along a notebook or legal pad and take notes during the speeches and panel discussions. More often than not, someone will notice you taking notes and seek you out for clarification. You can’t go wrong with pocketing a Sharpie either. It’s the perfect utensil for scribbling email addresses (or autographs—you never know who you might run into) on glossy handbills. It is also good practice to wear a wristwatch so you won’t have to pull out your phone every time you need the time. Most convention halls and all casinos are devoid of clocks. Las Vegas doesn’t want you to know how long you’ve been gambling. Also, don’t forget your business cards!

Every Vendor Crazy ‘Bout a Sharp Dressed Man

As far as clothes are concerned, it’s best to go with your most comfortable business casual attire. Avoid over dressing and leave the neckties at home. Overdressing for your Vegas convention may cause you to look stiff and unapproachable, exactly what you don’t want. A simple dress shirt and sport coat or blouse and skirt will do just fine. Dress to impress, but don’t overdo it. You want something that says, “I’m here for this keynote speaker, but I also came to party.”

Smell Good, Network Better

Yes, your Las Vegas hotel room has plenty of toiletries stocked, but there are a couple of items you’ll want to ensure you bring with you to your convention. It’s always good to think of networking-heavy events like Las Vegas conventions as first dates. Just like you probably wouldn’t wear a tie on a first date (you wouldn’t, right?), you also would not want to show up with coffee breath or lunch in your teeth. You’ll most likely be carrying a purse or backpack with you, so do everyone a favor and toss in a 3-ounce, travel size bottle of mouthwash and some floss picks. With your hygiene under control, you’ll feel more relaxed and open to network.

Odds and Ends

As for the miscellaneous items worth toting around during your convention, a backpack or tote is at the top of the list. A reusable water bottle might be a close second. You’ll be in a desert and staying hydrated even when you aren’t thirsty is mission critical … especially if you partake in the city’s nightlife. Considering all the hand shaking you’ll be doing, hand sanitizer is a great idea. Many of the convention halls in Las Vegas offer some kind of concessions, but who wants a hot dog and popcorn for lunch three days in a row? Pack some healthful snacks to keep you going.

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