Best Destinations to Propose

When you find yourself ready to propose, details matter. You’ll want to have everything in order when the big moment comes. One of the first questions to ask yourself is: “Where should I pop the question?” Here are some of the best destinations to choose when deciding where to propose.  Continue reading “Best Destinations to Propose”

Your Adventure Wedding Destination Awaits

The word wedding usually conjures up thoughts of white bridal gowns, large church venues, and penguin tuxedos. These elements are steeped in tradition, handed down through generations. But if you’re a little more on the adventurous side a standard church wedding might not suit your style. Destination weddings have seen an increase in popularity over the years. Here are a few ideas to take your wedding from traditional to adventurous. 

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Why You Must Book Your Maverick Wedding in Advance

Hollywood movies like The Hangover tend to perpetuate the idea that you can just show up at a location and have a “surprise” wedding. However, in order for your marriage to be legal, you’ll need the proper documentation. This is why Maverick Helicopters cannot accommodate surprise weddings; there is an important step you must take before your destination helicopter wedding can take place.

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More Frequently Asked Wedding Questions

Thanks to Maverick Helicopters’ all-inclusive wedding packages, you can have the Las Vegas wedding of your dreams without the stress that comes with planning a destination wedding. Our in-house wedding coordinator is here to take care of all the details. Just about the only thing you need to do is make sure uncle Harold catches his flight. For more information on our Las Vegas wedding packages, contact our wedding planner today. We’ll pick up where we left off with our previous post and continue to answer some frequently asked questions about weddings with Maverick. Continue reading “More Frequently Asked Wedding Questions”

The Southwest’s Greatest Views

The American Southwest is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Artists such as photographer Burt Harwood and painters Maxfield Parrish, Georgia O’Keeffe and Fritz Scholder spent their lives immortalizing the vistas, people and cultures of the ever inspirational Southwest. Find your inspiration among these timeless Southwest landscapes.

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Maverick Helicopters and Silent Savasana’s HeliYoga Featured in Yoga Journal

HeliYoga, the ultimate exclusive experience for yoga lovers, is a must for both beginner and experienced yogis. This new and exciting practice is a joint venture between Maverick Helicopters and Silent Savasana that launched November of last year. It is quickly making a name for itself, as illustrated by the recent feature in Yoga Journal.

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Why the Valley of Fire Should Be on Your Must-see List

When planning your next visit to Vegas, the Valley of Fire State Park is a perfect day-trip to add to the itinerary. Not convinced this is the right stop for you? Here are three reasons to change your mind.

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The History of Petroglyphs at the Valley of Fire

If you find the lights and noise of Las Vegas a bit overwhelming after a couple of days, take an hour to head northeast of Las Vegas and explore the Valley of Fire State Park. With petrified wood, rock outcroppings, and 3,000 year-old petroglyphs, the Valley of Fire can be as interesting as the Vegas Strip. A visitor center offers explanations and interpretive displays of what life was like in the Nevada desert long before the first tourist ever yelled, “Jackpot!”

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5 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Valley of Fire

Just six miles from Lake Mead and 55 miles NE of Las Vegas, the Valley of Fire is Nevada’s oldest and biggest state park.  As with any “go to” natural destination, your visit can be more enjoyable by having a fundamental understanding of the location’s history and highlights. Here are a handful of facts you probably didn’t know about the park:

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