Nevada Landscapes That Will Change Your Opinion of the Desert

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most spectacular and awe-inspiring landscapes in Nevada, if not the United States. There’s plenty to admire in this desolate region. We’re confident you’ll fall in love with these Nevada desert landscapes.

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High-flying Customer Reviews Enable Maverick to Begin 2017 on Lofty Note

Most business owners usually have a strong gut sense when things are going well and especially when they’re not.

So when a customer takes the time to share a positive experience, it does more than confirm that gut sense; it compels a business owner to try even harder to up the ante and give customers an even better experience.

Such was the case when a customer wrote to us about a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon: “Maverick did a great job, and I was extremely satisfied with the tour! There was absolutely no fault in the trip and I am very happy that the MGM recommended Maverick. Ben, our pilot, was very funny and friendly and super informative.” Continue reading “High-flying Customer Reviews Enable Maverick to Begin 2017 on Lofty Note”

How to Plan Your Dream Trip

Despite a lot of talk about traveling, the majority of Americans have become significantly less mobile in recent decades. Work, money, life… it all seems to conspire and get in the way of out-of-town getaways, both the planned and the spontaneous. But taking your dream trip and doing more with it is often easier than you think.

The first step to making your dream travels come true is to set deadlines and take action to meet them. After all, a dream without action is just a wish, but a dream with a deadline is an achievable goal. By saving as you go to meet financial milestones and thinking a bit more creatively, you too can pursue your dream trips and make them a reality. Continue reading “How to Plan Your Dream Trip”

Maverick Helicopters: The Family Edition

If someone compiled a book defining the American Dream, it would undoubtedly feature Greg and Brenda Rochna as ideal contemporary examples. Born the son of a mechanic, Greg grew up to serve his country, and later, with Brenda at his side, became a highly successful entrepreneur with an aircraft fleet at his disposal. The following is just a short look at their story and biggest success: Maverick Aviation.

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See What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Few companies get to take people into the sky and show them the surrounding sights. At Maverick Helicopters, we’re honored that we have the opportunity. We’re also proud of the service we provide, and we appreciate the feedback our customers leave us. Here are some five-star reviews we’re particularly proud of.

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