We achieved excellence because of you!

Maverick Helicopters always strives to give our very best when it comes to our customer service. That’s why we take great pride in receiving our fifth consecutive Certificate of Excellence Award from TripAdvisor® which entered Maverick into the Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame. That means we’re doing our job to provide you, our guests, a level of service that far surpasses any other.

Here are some of the reasons why you chose us for the hall of fame.


* Top-Notch Customer Service

From the time you book your tour with us, to the moment you check-in for your flight, our reservations department and customer service staff will make your experience smooth and hassle free.

* ECO-Star Helicopter

To ensure a first-class flight Maverick relies on the ECO-Star helicopter which is the safest and most comfortable tourism-based helicopter in the world. Some of its key features include:

  • Wraparound glass providing superior, breathtaking views
  • Individual front-facing seats for maximum comfort
  • A fuel-efficient engine to provide fast flight time which means more time for you to enjoy the tour
  • Drastically limited flight noise over the Grand Canyon lets you really soak in the moment

* Experienced Pilots

Maverick’s impeccable safety record, and numerous awards, are due in large part to the high quality of pilots that fly our tours. From the start, Maverick initiated a pilot training program that went above and beyond the Federal Aviation Administration’s standard regulatory requirements. The passion and dedication for what they do shines through on each tour. See for yourself what customers are saying about Maverick Helicopters’ amazing pilots.

Get to know some of our pilots in this exclusive video and be sure to check out Maverick’s official Youtube channel for more great content.


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