Ask the Pilot Series – Video #2 – Behind the Scenes of the Wind Dancer Tour

Here at Maverick, we are passionate about helicopters, the allure of Nevada and its surrounding areas. We love showing off this great state from the air and letting people get up close with the beauty of the Grand Canyon.

In our “Ask the Pilot” video series, we take you behind the scenes. Our pilots love to share all they see and do, giving you a chance to see what makes our helicopter tours so unique.

Whether our pilots are talking about the views from the sky or are giving a sneak peak of what our tours include, you can feel the passion they have for their jobs here at Maverick.

In our second “Ask the Pilot” video, Assistant Chief Pilot Riley Troy gives you a glimpse at our amazing Wind Dancer tour. Explore parts of the canyon rarely seen. This video will whet your appetite for this special Grand Canyon tour.

In this video, you can see firsthand how our tour takes you into the heart of the Grand Canyon and lands at the Hualapai Indian Reservation, giving you ample time to explore, take photos and enjoy refreshments.

If that’s not enough, the flight also takes you back over the famous Vegas Strip. Watch the video and ask questions on Facebook and Twitter using #askourpilots so we can feature one of your questions in a future video.

If you would like to learn more about the Wind Dancer tour, LiveChat with us or call 1-888-261-4414.

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