Ask the Pilot Series – Video #1 – What Helicopters Do We Fly?

At Maverick Helicopters, our pilots have the most interesting job around! They’re one of the utmost important faces of the company and help keep passengers safe while ensuring they have a fantastic tour, filled with amazing scenery and information. Many people are interested in learning more about Maverick and what our pilots do, from the helicopters we fly (and why) to more details about the destinations where we offer tours. That’s why we’ve started a new series, “Ask the Pilot”, that debuts with this video about our ECO-Star helicopters. Our pilots will answer a new question each month, so if you’d like to know something, reach out on Facebook or Twitter using #askourpilots and you might see one of our pilots answer your question in an upcoming video!

Learn more about the exciting destinations our pilots fly to. We offer tours to a wide variety of popular places, including the Las Vegas Strip and Hoover Dam, Hana Rainforest in Maui (complete with exclusive landing access) and the Grand Canyon.

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