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7 Most Instagram’d Spots in the Grand Canyon

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Grand Canyon South Rim - Maverick HelicoptersThere’s no denying humans are visual creatures. We love images and telling stories via paintings, films and photographs. Thanks to such apps as Instagram and the incredible photo capabilities of today’s smartphones, each of us has in our pockets the power to take professional-looking snapshots of the places that inspire us, to tell our personal stories in visual format. When it comes to traveling to scenic places, the Grand Canyon is one of the most photographed national parks thanks to its incredible array of jaw-dropping landscapes. The following are a few of the most Instagram’d spots in the Grand Canyon, and ones you should make sure to capture as part of your own travel story:

7. Tower of Ra

Some of the rock formations of the Grand Canyon are so fantastic and so massive that early travelers were inspired to name them after ancient gods. The Tower of Ra is one such place. Found on the edge of Yuma Point in Arizona, this incredible rock formation is well-documented on Instagram.


6. Kaibab National Forest

Deep in the fog of the Kaibab ☁️🌿

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Considered the gateway to the Grand Canyon, herds of buffalo meandering across prairies bordered by towering pine trees await photographers of all skill levels at Kaibab National Forest in Northern Arizona.


5. Colorado River

Just some pretty views. 😁

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People love to photograph the fish they catch, take shots of their rafting adventures and show off the peaceful swimming holes while recreating in the Colorado River.


4. Dragon Head

Found along the Grand Canyon’s North End, Dragon Head is a desolate summit that’s difficult to access except by helicopter. This is why many photographs of this uniquely-shaped formation are aerial shots.


3. Bright Angel Lodge

Bright Angel Lodge is a hotel complex situated at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and operates in agreement with the U.S. Federal Government. It also features many of the area’s best hiking trails and outstanding canyon outlooks. The building’s western architecture and decor makes it a favorite subject of Instagram-ers.


2. Grand Canyon National Forest

slept three in the van this night- didn’t know it would be under 20 in AZ

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The majestic Grand Canyon National Forest inspires incredible photography featuring the area’s unique geology, spruce forests, desert wildlife, primitive camping spots and so much more.


1. Mather Point

Mather Point is probably the most photographed spot overlooking the Grand Canyon, thanks in part to its fantastic views and its close location to the park’s entrance.

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