6 Most Instagram’d Spots on Maui and Molokai

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Images of Hawaii are often featured in magazines and on social media. The island is a popular choice for travelers looking for equal parts adventure and relaxation. Its beautiful landscape features some of the most inspiring natural glory that just has to be captured by lens and posted online. During our Maverick flights, guests have taken some beautiful images on various tours and shared them. Here now are the most Instagram’d spots in Maui and Molokai.

1. Kāʻanapali Beach

With three miles of white sand against crystal blue waters, it’s no wonder why Kāʻanapali Beach is a top image on Instagram. Named “America’s Best Beach,” it is one of the reasons Maui is a popular destination for many people all over the world. One of Kāʻanapali Beach’s most famous attractions is the cliffs of Pu’u Keka’a where a daily cliff diving ceremony takes place to reenact a feat by Maui’s revered King Kahekili. Want to soar over Kāʻanapali‘s breathtaking coastline yourself? Try the Maui Dream flight, offered by Maverick Helicopters, where you can experience all the serenity Maui has to offer.

2. Honokōhau Falls

Honokōhau Falls, located on Maui, is the highest waterfall on the island. Two stunning tiers of water drop from the falls at over 1,100 feet into the valley below. It is an astounding sight to behold and one that can only truly be seen by air as the area is too complicated to reach by foot or even car. Maverick’s Maui Spirit tour shows you Honokōhau Falls from the best possible view…the sky! 

3. Hālawa Valley


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With its striking vistas and towering waterfalls, Halawa Valley in Molokai represents one of the most historic areas of Hawaii. At the Halawa Beach Park you’ll find two swimming beaches along the eastern shore. The entire valley draws you in with its rich history and scenic views. Get a bird’s-eye-view of the remote north shore, Halawa Valley and the vast Molokai fish ponds. 

4. Famous Fringe Reef

Molokai is the home to the longest fringing reef in America. It stretches approximately 30 miles across the South shore of Molokai. Tidal flats build up inside the fringing reef provides fly fisherman an area to target the Hawaiian Bonefish, each of which can be roughly 9 pounds. The view from above offers exquisite color palettes of turquoise mingling with warm greens.  

5. Road to Hana


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The Road to Hana is a world famous drive that offers visitors a look at some of Hawaii’s natural beauty. The unblemished landscapes and towering waterfalls are just some of the spectacular sights along this scenic drive. Located on the northeast coastline of Maui, the picturesque road is even more stunning from the sky. The dramatic wind of the road leads past dense rainforests, cascading waterfalls, and epic seascapes. Explore Maui’s authentic and remote landscape with the Hana Rainforest Experience featuring an exclusive 30-minute landing within the lush surroundings. 

6. Molokai Sea Cliffs

Another awe-inspiring, Instagram-worthy sight is the sea cliffs on Molokai. Standing at around 3,600 feet above the ocean, these sea cliffs are the tallest in the world. There are only a few ways to see the cliffs in all their glory, and most pale in comparison to the amazing view you can see from the air. The Molokai Voyage lets you explore the beauty and scenery of both Molokai and Maui on this multi-island experience.


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