5 Tips for the Perfect Destination Proposal in Vegas

Marriage proposals are not easy. They might be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. The anticipation alone is likely to cause physical damage. When travel to Las Vegas is thrown into the mix, it can become overwhelming. We’re here to offer some advice on how to plan and execute the perfect marriage proposal in Las Vegas.

Whether your significant other knows about the travel plans or not, you’ll want to keep the actual proposal a secret, so you’ll have to do some planning ahead of time to ensure the big moment goes as smoothly as possible. Most Las Vegas resorts keep an army of concierges on staff for this exact reason. Call ahead to iron out details such as flowers in the room or surprise bottles of Champagne in advance. For the major itinerary items, it’s also helpful to take advantage of all-inclusive wedding proposal packages such as the ones offered by Maverick Helicopters. Our wedding coordinator will make all the arrangements for limousine transportation to and from the plush Las Vegas Boulevard terminal, private helicopter flight as well as Champagne and flowers. All you have to do is survive the wait.

Pack the Ring
That ring is already burning a hole in your pocket, and now you have to travel to Las Vegas with it? Don’t worry; this will be the easy part. First, you’ll want to repackage the ring just in case TSA agents decide to go through your stuff, or your spouse-to-be wants to be kind and unpack for you while you’re filling the ice bucket. If you are flying to Las Vegas, keep the engagement ring in your carry-on with other harmless items. Avoid packing items such as toiletries and electronic devices lest you want an over-eager TSA agent spoiling the surprise. If you’ll be driving to Las Vegas, lock that bad boy in the glove compartment or a coat pocket.

Clear the Schedule
This would be necessary only if your significant other doesn’t know about the trip. The bigger the surprise, the bigger the wow factor. A surprise trip to Las Vegas that includes a marriage proposal? The wow factor will be at 11. But it takes quite a bit of finesse to pull off an operation of this magnitude. Send an email or give the person’s boss a call to ensure there are no important deadlines or meetings he or she will miss. Check his or her calendar for any important social functions as well. The point is to make the trip as stress-free as possible for both of you, and that’s not possible with a work presentation hanging over your future spouse’s head.

Pack the Bags
Packing for a man is simple. Leisurewear? Check. Suit? Check. Those Zubaz pants he for some reason refuses to throw away? Che—well, on second thought, he can stand to go a week without them. Packing for a woman is a whole different ballgame. Men might want to consider enlisting the help of a friend or sister. Just be sure the person can keep a secret. Again, this would only take place if the vacation was a surprise. You might be better off planning the Vegas trip together.

The urge to blurt out a proposal at dinner the first night will be strong but wait. Let the suspense build. She might just suspect a proposal coming, so let her sit on it for a couple days. That said, you don’t want to wait until the end of the vacation. Save some time to savor the event before you’re back to reality. Hold on to that ring until just the right moment, like when you’re 2,000 feet above the glimmering lights of the Las Vegas Strip aboard a plush Maverick helicopter. They don’t call them limousines of the sky for nothing.

A destination proposal is that once-in-a-lifetime event that your new fiancé will cherish forever. Yes, this is Mission Impossible-level planning, but with the help of Maverick Helicopters’ all-inclusive wedding proposal packages, our full-time wedding planner and maybe a sister or two, you can pull off the proposal your special someone has always dreamed of. Browse our selection of wedding proposal packages and speak with our wedding guru today.



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