4 Las Vegas Team Building Activities to Strengthen Any Bond

You’re only as good as the weakest link on your team. Strengthening that link means to come together as a cohesive unit. One of the best ways to do that is by engaging in team building activities. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, or a start-up just getting off the ground, these 5 team building activities will help you grow together. They are also a great excuse to go to Las Vegas!

1. Escape Rooms

Are you looking for a team building event that your staff will never forget? Escape rooms are exceptional team building activities for employees that can increase productivity, problem solving skills, communication, and motivation as colleagues work as a team in a fun and exciting environment. 

  • “Do you want to play a game?” The Official SAW Escape Room is themed after the blockbuster SAW film franchise. Unlike most escape rooms where guests are locked in one room for an hour, SAW Escape is a fully immersive, multi-room facility where your team must put their minds together to solve complex problems.
  • Escapology is a premier escape game in Las Vegas that offers an exciting, unique and challenging experience. Teams have just 60 minutes to find clues, solve puzzles, and decode the locks in order to escape the adventure game room.
  • The Basement is a live action escape room venue with 2 different experiences for your staff to play. The rooms contain clues, trap doors, and hidden items that can all be integral parts of your team’s quest to escape. The Basement offers an in-depth team analysis of your staff’s ability to think critically, communicate effectively, and stay calm under stress.

2. Apocalypse Vegas – Special Ops Experience

Like a movie or video game brought to life, Apocalypse Vegas is the ultimate apocalyptic Special Ops mission your company and team deserve! Former real life Army Rangers, Navy SEALs, Green Beret and Delta Force Operators will lead you through a 38k sq. ft. build out made to appear as a displaced town that has been overtaken by flesh hungry, diseased zombies. This is a great opportunity to bond, develop team unity, and blow off steam at the same time. You have the opportunity to custom tailor your organization’s experience to focus on subjects like leadership, effective communication, camaraderie, and the principles of teamwork to ensure that your team leaves better than it is than when it arrived.

3. Grand Canyon Exploration 

Sometimes it pays to get out of the office and into nature. Imagine bonding against the backdrop of one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon. Experience team building at the South Rim with Maverick Helicopters Canyon Dream Tour. You’ll start with a comfortable 40-minute flight to the Grand Canyon South Rim aboard a Beechcraft 1900D aircraft. Once you land, you and your team will enjoy amazing views of the Tower of Ra, Kaibab National Forest, and the Colorado River with a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. The journey continues with transportation into the Grand Canyon National Park where together your team will enjoy the awe-inspiring vistas, panoramic overlooks and trails inside the park. This experience refreshes the spirit and builds lasting bonds.

4. Rock Climbing Centers

Rock climbing is a unique experience you and your employees will remember for years to come. Rather than taking on all the risks involved in outdoor climbs, indoor rock climbing centers naturally lends to team building. It requires trust, cooperation, and good communication skills to achieve the goal that is presented, in this case reaching the top of the wall. These fundamental experiences are transferable into your working world. The climbing exercises offer individuals an opportunity to approach fears and work through them in a team environment. The Red Rock Climbing Center offers over 8,000 square feet of climbing walls designed to tempt, taunt, and challenge every climber that enters.


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