4 Stunning Waterfalls Seen Aboard Maverick Maui Tours

Jurassic Rock

High up on the list of Maui sightseeing priorities are the island’s waterfalls, and rightfully so. The Valley Isle’s numerous waterfalls are recognized the world over as some of the most beautiful anywhere. While this list of waterfalls seen during Maverick Helicopters tours is far from comprehensive, it does include some of the more prominent on the island. Make sure to bring your camera along, as the aerial views of these splendid waterfalls afforded by our helicopter tours are a photographer’s dream.
Jurassic Rock

Waimoku Falls

Seen On: Maui Dream, Maui Spirit

This isn’t the tallest waterfall on the island, but what Waimoku Falls lacks in height, it makes up for in overall desktop wallpaper-esque beauty. The Pipiwai Stream rolls over this 400-foot drop, spouting from a slight part in the dense jungle that looms over ‘Ohe’o Gulch, before making its way into the Pools of ‘Ohe’o near Kuloa Point. Avoid the massive throngs of national park visitors hiking Pipiwai Trail to catch a glimpse of this stunning waterfall by climbing aboard the Maui Dream or Maui Spirit tours.

Twin Falls

Seen On: Aloha Adventure, Maui Dream, Maui Spirit

This area located along the northern segment of the historic Road to Hana boasts a large number of smaller waterfalls scattered across the undulating, jungle terrain. The vast string of falls and pools are surrounded by lush foliage and dreamlike caverns in the rock walls. The limited parking in this area fills up quickly, so avoid the headache and consider taking the Hana Rainforest Experience, Maui Dream or Maui Spirit tour for great views of Twin Falls. Keep an eye out for this photogenic region as your tour passes along Maui’s north shore.

Wailua Falls

Seen On: Maui Dream, Maui Spirit

This 80-foot-tall waterfall is also located near the Road to Hana. It’s so close to this ancient thoroughfare that in practically splashes onto the asphalt. Wailua Falls can be easily accessed by foot, but only a helicopter tour affords sightseers panoramic views of the multiple cascades found along Honolewa Stream. There are nearly half a dozen, most of which can only be seen aboard a helicopter. Maverick’s popular Maui Dream and Maui Spirit tours both swing far enough to the southeast to catch a glimpse of Wailua Falls.

Honokohau Falls

Seen On: Maui Dream, Molokai Voyage, Sunset Odyssey

Nestled deep within the rugged terrain of the West Maui Mountains, Honokohau Falls represents the island’s tallest. It cascades majestically in two tiers over the course of 1,119 feet. Due to its isolated location, visitors to Maui can only catch a glimpse of Honokohau Falls by helicopter. The falls are so impressive that producers of “Jurassic Park” insisted on including aerial shots of the cascades in the film because of the exotic, other-worldly appearance. This is truly one of those sites that actually leaves the passengers of our Maui Dream and Molokai Voyage.

You can’t swing a hula dancer in Maui without hitting a beautiful waterfall, and the stunning water features on this list represent only a small portion of what you’ll see aboard a Maverick Helicopters tour. For more information and help planning your perfect helicopter excursion, contact Maverick today. Be sure to share your Maui helicopter tour photos on our Facebook page!

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