21 Ways to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday, Vegas Style

Spending your 21st birthday in Vegas is an unforgettable experience (as long as you drink responsibly). From shows and games to pools and clubs, there’s a lot to do here. In this two-part series, we’ve compiled a list of 21 great ways to celebrate your 21st birthday in Las Vegas.

  1. Throw a Party at the Hard Rock Hotel: You don’t have to go out on the town to have a great time. With a 70-inch television, a projector to watch anything you want and a hot tub, the Hard Rock Hotel’s suites are fully equipped for throwing a party. They even come with themed props and costumes to help you set the mood.
  2. See a Show: Some of the world’s best shows are in Vegas, and there’s a show for every kind of taste. The Blue Man Group and Cirque du Soleil are both excellent choices, as is Le Rêve — it features a submersible stage, acrobats and synchronized swimmers and comes from the same director as Cirque du Soleil’s “O.” Check out our 5 Las Vegas Show Tips for insight on getting tickets and having a blast.
  3. Relax at the Azure Luxury Pool: During the day, the Venetian’s Azure Luxury Pool is a great place to stay and play. It’s less crowded and more relaxed than other pool clubs, so you can hang out without getting exhausted. Save up your energy for when the night begins.
  4. Swim in the Waves at Mandalay Bay: If you love the beach, head to Mandalay Bay. The resort’s aquatic attractions include a massive sand beach and wave pool. (The beach has 2.7 tons of sand, and the wave pool holds 1.6 million gallons of water.) Spread a towel out on the beach or rent a cabana or villa and enjoy the beach right in Nevada’s desert.
  5. Watch a Game at Lagasse’s Stadium: For an unparalleled sports experience, catch a game at Lagasse’s Stadium. It features stadium seating, more than 100 screens, excellent food and an on-site sports book.
  6. Get Your First Legal Drink at the Chandelier: You only get to order your first legal drink once, so you ought to make it special. The place to go for your first drink is the Chandelier. Here, mixologists will fix you up a drink like you’ll never experience elsewhere.
  7. Party at Marquee: Marquee is just a few steps away from the Chandelier; they’re both part of the Cosmopolitan. However you like to party, there’s a floor for you at Marquee. The main level has two dance floors and a four-story DJ booth. Upstairs, the Boom Box overlooks the Strip. On the third floor, Library has a quieter atmosphere, books and billiard tables.
  8. See All 5 Levels at Hakkasan: Hakkasan one-ups Marquee with an additional floor. Visit each of the five levels; you’ll feel the energy of the place permeate each of the resort’s lounges and clubs.
  9. Raise a Glass on the Rooftop at Voodoo: When the weather’s nice, which it often is in Las Vegas, the Voodoo Rooftop Nightclub & Lounge is one of the best nightclubs in town. It was voted ‘Best After-Hours Nightclub’ by Casino Player Magazine in 2015. Without a roof overhead, you’ll be able to see both the stars in the sky and the lights on the Strip as you dance the night away.
  10. Go to the Grand Canyon: To make your Vegas experience truly unique, take a day to visit the Grand Canyon. There are several helicopter tours to the canyon that leave from Vegas and only take half a day. You can go see the Grand Canyon in the morning or afternoon and be back in time for a great dinner and full night of fun.

These are just the first 10 of our 21 suggestions. For more ways to celebrate your 21st birthday, read Part Two.

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