21 Ways to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday Vegas Style (Part 2)

Here are the last 11 ways to have fun when you’re turning 21 in Vegas. (This is the second post in a two-part series. You can read the first post here.)

  1. Pamper Yourself at the Spa: Look and feel your best when you head out on the Strip by first treating yourself to some special time at the Spa. Get manis, pedis, facials and more so you’re refreshed when it’s time to hit the clubs. There are also plunge pools and a sauna for premiere relaxation. Spending some downtime here will let you regain your energy for the adventures to come.
  2. Walk the Strip: Make sure to leave some time free and unstructured. Just walking the Strip is an experience to take in and you never know what a stroll down it will lead to. Stop in shops, play games or grab a drink. Be spontaneous and go where the moment takes you.
  3. Get 21 at Flamingo: In the spirit of turning 21, try your hand at getting 21. Whether you’re a novice or expert at blackjack, the Flamingo has a great table scene. The pink tables, $5 bets and free-flowing booze attract quite the blackjack-playing crowd.
  4. Play Poker in the Pool at Caesar’s: There are lots of table games in Las Vegas, but none is quite like those at Caesar’s Palace’s Fortuna Pool. Put on your swimsuit, get some poker chips and swim up for a few hands. You can play without even leaving the water.
  5. Play the Slots 21 Times: If blackjack isn’t your game, try your hand at slots. It’s your birthday; maybe you’ll get lucky. For fun, plan on spinning a slot machine 21 times and see what you get. No skill required, pick any slot that looks fun or lucky.
  6. Get the Filet at TAO: Plan on eating at TAO on your birthday. The resort is known for making sure anyone turning 21 has a great time while visiting and the meals are outstanding. The Asian bistro features small plates perfect for sharing with friends. Make sure to spring for the filet. The steak will come raw, but cooks in under 10 seconds when you dip it into a boiling broth. Top with wasabi and enjoy.
  7. See the Bellagio’s Fountains: Whether you’ve never been to Vegas or have come 100 times, you must stop and see the Fountains of Bellagio. Each performance is unique. The Fountains are on display every evening, and during the afternoon on weekends and holidays.
  8. Spring for Bottle Service: On your 21st birthday, consider getting bottle service — especially if you’re with a group of friends. Bottle service may seem pricey, but it’s usually not too much more than a few drinks when split among several friends. Most importantly, paying for bottle service will let you skip the lines for drinks and spend more of your time partying.
  9. Go Shopping at the Forum Shops: If shopping’s your thing, Las Vegas has plenty of stores to visit. The Forum Shops, of course, are one of the go-to shopping centers on the Strip. You can find plenty of stores throughout all of the resorts, though. Stop in any that look appealing and browse their wares. You have to get yourself a birthday present, after all.
  10. Have a Beer at Hofbräuhaus: Visiting Hofbräuhaus is like going to Germany in October. Oktoberfest doesn’t just happen in October here, though. The barmaids dress the part, deliver steins of beer and carry paddles — order a shot and tell them you’re 21, and you’ll find out what those paddles are for.
  11. See Las Vegas Via Helicopter: There are lots of ways to see Las Vegas, from a suite overlooking the Strip to walking through the resorts. None, however, compare to the view you get when touring Vegas via a helicopter. Treat yourself to a memorable experience by taking it all in from above. At Maverick Helicopters, the Vegas Nights tour provides unparalleled views of the Strip and Downtown Las Vegas. You’ll never forget what the city looks like at night from the sky.

If you come to Vegas for your 21st birthday party, you’re bound to have a great time. Pick out a few of these activities, and have fun while you’re in town. Happy Birthday!

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