Signs She’s Ready for You to Propose

10 Signs She’s Ready for You to Propose

Planning to ask the one you love for her hand in marriage is easily one of the most nerve-racking experiences. The easiest way to alleviate the nerves is to take a beat … and remember that you are ready to spend the rest of your life with this person, and she feels the same way. Wait? She feels the same way, right? To know for sure, we offer 10 signs that she’s ready for you to propose.

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Signs she's ready for marriage

1. It’s Raining Hints
If copies of Bridal Digest start appearing in the apartment, you notice her Instagram follows are predominately wedding-themed and/or she regularly brings up friends’ engagements in everyday discussion, then she’s spending a fair amount of time thinking about her wedding. The trick is to listen. Being an active listener during conversations with your soon-to-be-wife not only helps you pick up on subtle hints like these, but it also bodes well for your future together.

2. She Has Her Life Together
She would most likely still say “yes” if she were in the middle of a hectic life phase like med school. But a person will certainly be more inclined to marriage after life’s major achievements have been tackled. Marriage is a serious commitment that requires both parties to have confidence in their own lives to fully embrace the life of another.

3. She Enjoys the Mundane Moments
Marriage isn’t one lifelong honeymoon. Does she enjoy spending time with you even if you’re running errands or folding laundry? If you enjoy each other’s company even without the excitement of date night, you’re good to go.

4. She Is a Team Player
All the old clichés about compromise exist because they’re true. But what some don’t realize is that compromise means, occasionally, one party doesn’t get anything they want. Do her priorities align with yours? Is she willing to help you achieve your dreams? Perhaps more importantly, is she willing to help achieve your shared dreams? Team players deserve to sign the big contracts.

5. She Is an Open Book
You should be able to talk about EVERYTHING. There should be no taboo topics. If issues of money or future children are something she can easily talk about with you, she won’t be surprised by a proposal of marriage. Unless of course, the proposal is a surprise, but you get where we’re coming from.

6. Her Pronoun of Choice Is “We”
This one is fairly self-explanatory. When she commonly uses phrases such as “we should try this new restaurant” or “we should save up some money for that vacation,” Her life has made room for you. The time is right.

7. She Is Thinking Long Term
She recently bought a king-size bed. She makes big plans for the future. She talks about eventually buying a house. These are indications that she is thinking about a life with you.

8. Her Family Enjoys Your Company
Family is important. You don’t have to go antique shopping with your mother-in-law every weekend, but as long as the conversations are enjoyable and everyone can get through a game of Scrabble and a bottle of wine without issue, you have nothing to worry about. Not to mention you already got her family’s blessing… didn’t you?

9. You Are the First Phone Call
No offense to those in-laws who have been handing you your hat during Scrabble every other week, but when things go either very wrong or very right, yours is the number her thumbs automatically dial.

10. You’ve Talked About This
Another way to know she’s ready for you to propose is … talk to her about it! You wouldn’t make a huge financial decision without first consulting those involved. Why would you make an even bigger life decision without talking it over with the second half of this two-part equation? A simple “Have you considered marriage?” is all you need. If you truly are second guessing that marriage proposal, hold off for some time and have a talk about marriage. You’ll most likely come away more confident about popping the question than you were before.

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