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What to Pack for Walking the Las Vegas Strip at Night

Posted by Maverick Helicopters on Jun 30, 2015 7:30:00 PM

The Las Vegas Strip at Night

Everyone knows that New York is the ‘city that never sleeps’, but neither does Vegas! Las Vegas has been known for many things throughout the years, but one thing everybody can agree on is that it is never boring. Vegas is the city where dreams become reality and magic is all around. Of course, one of the best times to see Vegas is during the night- the bright lights come on, the colored fountains draw crowds and talented performers fill the streets.

Have you always wanted to walk the famous Las Vegas Strip? Well, first off, don’t be fooled into thinking that the strip is small and easy enough to cover during a little night stroll. It’s actually over 4 miles long!

The Strip is very pedestrian friendly, however remember not to jaywalk because there is a very severe fine for jaywalkers, approximately $198. Also, with an abundance of security cameras and personnel due to the casinos, you feel very safe walking about.

What are the three things you must have with you during your walk?

  • Comfortable footwear - Now, all you women who are groaning at the thought of leaving your favorite heels in your hotel suite, don’t fret! Simply make sure you carry a pair of flip flops or sandals with you when you go out for an evening or late night stroll.
  • Keep a bottle of water or other light beverage on you at all times - It is very easy to get dehydrated while you’re busy seeing the sights in Vegas. The bright lights can sap moisture from your body without you realizing it. So keep your hydration levels up and enjoy the awe-inspiring walk down the Strip. Drinking while you're walking? Read this blog for tips on Drinking While on the Strip 
  • Layer up - During the day, Las Vegas can heat up like an oven, but at nights it often becomes quite chilly. Make sure you carry a light shrug, sweater or jacket to ward off the chill. You'll also appreciate it when you're in a casino that's blasting their air conditioning.

Walking is probably the best way to see the heart of Vegas or the Las Vegas Strip and is definitely the cheapest! Also, here’s something handy if you’re planning a trip to Vegas: your very own Ultimate Vegas Packing List. At least you won’t be without the vital things that every visitor to the Strip needs!

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