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Estimating the Costs of a Destination Wedding

Posted by Maverick Helicopters on Dec 11, 2016 7:00:00 PM

While destination weddings eliminate some of the costs of a larger, traditional celebration, they often can still come with a high price tag. Below, we're looking at three wedding events that will contribute to your destination wedding costs and the estimated price you'll pay for a group of 20 in your party.

Rehearsal Dinner

This wedding event has traditionally been paid for by the groom's family, but that trend is changing. Now, more couples are taking on this cost themselves, especially when planning a destination wedding. When guests are traveling to be with you for your wedding, a rehearsal dinner can also act as a welcome party to greet friends and family before the festivities begin.

Most couples opt to include only their parents and the members of the wedding party when planning the rehearsal dinner for a traditional wedding. However, those who have guests traveling to their destination will sometimes include everyone who has arrived at the location in time for the dinner. The cost of your rehearsal dinner will depend on where you choose to eat. Picking a spot that offers a modified, simple menu with salad, entree and drink options in your price range can help keep your budget in check.

Estimated Cost of Rehearsal Dinner: $800 - $1,200

Ceremony and Reception

Destination Wedding

No matter where or when you choose to celebrate your marriage, the main event of the ceremony and reception will usually make up the bulk of your budget. For those getting married in Vegas, choosing a ceremony package deal is often the most budget-friendly option, as they can include flowers, a minister, photography and music for one price.

Determining reception costs depends on where your event will be held. There are plenty of options for wedding receptions in Vegas and choosing the right one depends on the personality and budget of each couple. For our estimate, we'll look at a mid-price restaurant with dinner, an open bar and a wedding cake.

Estimated Cost of Ceremony and Reception: $4,500 - $5,500

Post-wedding Brunch

After the main event, a post-wedding brunch is an opportunity to spend a bit more time with guests who traveled to celebrate with you. Typically, family members, the wedding party and any guests who are still at the location are invited to the brunch.

Most post-wedding events tend to be more casual. The emphasis is on spending a couple of hours with friends and family, sharing memories from the night before and having a bite to eat before flying home. A buffet-style brunch will offer something for everyone and keep costs down.

Estimated Cost of Post-wedding Brunch: $300 - $500

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