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Dining 4,000 Feet High: Sa’ Nya-Wa’ Grand Canyon Skywalk Restaurant Set to Open

Posted by Maverick Helicopters on Feb 28, 2017 5:37:00 PM

The Grand Canyon has long been known as a can't-miss destination for people visiting Las Vegas. In 2007, high above the river bed below, the Skywalk was erected to give guests an experience unlike anything else in this world. Soon, this incredible tourist attraction will be joined by an establishment sure to wow.

Sa’ Nya-Wa’ will be the first and only restaurant offering one-of-a-kind panoramic views of the Grand Canyon from 4,000 feet above the river bed. Owned by the local Hualapai Indian Tribe, this Grand Canyon Skywalk restaurant aims to share its history, culture and tourism offerings with guests.The restaurant promises to provide "a dining experience like no other," offering the only full-service dining option on the West Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Although the menu, hours and pricing have yet to be released, this establishment promises to be another must-do experience for visitors to Las Vegas.

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