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3 Tips to Make Your Upcoming Grand Canyon Trip More Enjoyable

Posted by Maverick Helicopters on Jul 25, 2017 6:41:00 PM

Grand CanyonThe Grand Canyon most certainly lives up to its name, spanning an incredible 275 miles from end-to-end and towering well over a mile high. For first time visitors, the sheer magnitude of this national wonder and all of its activities can feel a little intimidating. With summer here, you can expect plenty of sunshine and high temperatures no matter where you head out on the trail. But don't let the heat deter you.

Consider the following tips for staying cool and getting the most out of your upcoming Grand Canyon trip:

  1. Your water bottle is your BFF.  The air of the Grand Canyon is very, very dry and prone to sucking out most of the body's moisture. Plus, depending on where in the country you're traveling from, the high altitude of the canyon's rims can contribute to dehydration. So bring a solid, reusable water bottle and drink/refill/drink as often as you can.

  2. Pack layers & stay shaded. While temperatures do run high during peak daytime hours (about 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.), mornings and evenings can get chilly. Pack a long-sleeve shirt to keep you warm during these early and late hours in addition to wearing lightly colored, loose-fitting clothes to reflect the sun's rays. A more ideal option is to stay out of the direct sun during the hottest hours. Instead of hiking, try activities like swimming, going underground and exploring Northern Arizona's Grand Canyon Caverns, or spending time at the Grand Canyon Visitors Center and similar museums and activity centers.

  3. Check out a guided tour.  Why go it alone when you can enjoy the best the Grand Canyon has to offer with a professional guide? Here, there's a tour for just about every type of traveler. Hike, bike, or ride a pack mule with experts leading the way and showing you the best sights available. Or experience the immensity of the park and stay cool via a rafting tour. At Maverick Helicopters, we offer a special combo Grand Canyon and rafting helicopter tour. Enjoy breathtaking views from a high in the sky bird's-eye perspective and then get up-close-and-personal with a guided 12-mile rafting adventure further down the Colorado River.

To learn more about this tour or about other Grand Canyon helicopter trips, contact us today!

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