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3 Tips for Camping at the Grand Canyon

Posted by Maverick Helicopters on Jan 24, 2017 2:35:00 PM

People from every corner of the world travel to the Grand Canyon. Its impressive vistas and stunning flora and fauna make it one of the most magnificent attractions in the country. One of the ways to experience this allure is by camping. The region boasts beautiful campsites, where you can appreciate the evening sounds and capture the dazzling canyon colors that only happen at sunset and sunrise. But to enjoy the best, you'll want to first check out these three tips for camping at the Grand Canyon:

1. Rent, Don't Buy. With airlines now charging for overhead storage space, in addition to checked bag fees, you can save money, time and frustration by packing light and renting equipment when you arrive. Companies like LowerGear Backpacking Center will ship your rental equipment to any chosen location, such as your home or hotel, or you can rent high-quality equipment at a sporting goods store in Las Vegas before you head out to the trail. Any backpacking and camping gear you need can be obtained through such rental operations, including tents, hydration gear, lights, backpacks, GPS units and cooking equipment.

2. Plan Your Spot. There are a few first-come, first-serve spots at North Rim and Desert View campgrounds for impulse campers. However, most people should plan to make reservations at least a month in advance, as prime spots are often booked more than a year in advance.

If you're planning on tent camping, check out the idyllic Havasu Falls campsite. It takes a bit of work to get to this remote location, but it's well worth the effort. Options include hiking or riding muleback. Enjoy waking up surrounded by leafy cottonwoods and the sounds of spring-fed waterfalls.

If you're planning on RV camping, head to Trailer Village RV Park. Trailer Village is the only campground within the Grand Canyon that offers both full hookups and room for RVs up to 50 feet in length. Situated in the high desert, this RV park offers a significant location advantage. Enjoy a free Grand Canyon shuttle bus that takes you straight from the campground to key park highlights and trail heads.

3. Don't Forget the Essentials. Water, bug spray and sunscreen are vital hiking and camping essentials that cannot be forgotten. The dry air, unfettered sun and high elevation of the Grand Canyon can all contribute to unpleasant side effects for those who aren't prepared. 

Camping, whether it's in a tent or an RV, offers an opportunity to extend your trip for a more robust experience. For a stress-free journey, keep the above tips in mind; reserve your spot ahead of time, call and set up rental equipment before you fly and remember the essentials. For an even more stress-free trip, book a helicopter tour with Maverick and land in an exclusive spot within the Grand Canyon or call us at 888-261-4414.

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