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10 Hotel Tips for Lower Prices & Better Stays (Part 2)

Posted by Maverick Helicopters on May 25, 2017 11:39:00 AM

Finished our first set of hotel tips and ready for more? Then let's get right to it:

Las Vegas Hotel Tips
  1. Don't ask for big, ask for corners. Do you want a more spacious room but don't want to pay extra? Or you want space, but there are other guests within earshot (Pro tip: asking for upgrades and extras while surrounded by other patrons is almost guaranteed to earn you nothing but the word 'no'). All you need to do is address the issue from an angle. Ask for a corner room where more space and extra windows are usually guaranteed.
  2. Save money and stay off the Strip. Want to save $100 or more a night? Just book at a hotel slightly off the Strip when booking in Las Vegas. You likely already know this, but it bears emphasizing; much of what you are paying for in big-city hotels is location. You don't have to be on the Las Vegas Strip to enjoy the Vegas experience. Book somewhere close and enjoy cheaper rates without losing too much on access (in fact, you might find this preferable as off-Strip hotels tend to be a bit quieter).
  3. Always read the customer reviews. We live in an age where it's never been easier to get a comprehensive idea of where you are going before you get there. Don't just go online and book the cheapest or first hotel that comes up. Read Trip Advisor and Yelp reviews and testimonials to get a full picture of where you are going, what you can expect and what you should ask for.
  4. Front desk staff are your friends. When looking for things to do and places to go, look to the front desk staff for recommendations in addition to the concierges. Many concierges, while their job position is assisting guests with reservations and activities, tend to direct visitors to the more touristy attractions. You'll get a more locally minded opinion of the best restaurants, bars and attractions from front desk staff members.
  5. Loyalty pays. If you're a frequent traveler, consider booking with the same hotel each time and always by calling their lobby. While trying a new place every time you go to a city has its own perks, if you want dependability, great lifetime deals and personal touches, then you're going to want to be loyal (and tip appropriately). Being an actual regular at a hotel will earn you more favors than any chain membership card. As more staff members recognize you, the more apt they'll be to gift you with free upgrades, discounts and other VIP treats.

As always, honey attracts more flies than vinegar. Despite what robot-enthusiasts might want you to believe, we still live in the era of human services. Be gracious with housekeeping, front desk, bell hops etc. and you'll reap the rewards. Also, download our newest Vegas Packing List 2.0 for the best packing advice!

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